Biscayne Beach

Association Name: Biscayne Beach Neighborhood Association

Area: Between Hawthorne and Crespie Avenue (East/West) 86 Street – Bayside Lane


President- Neil Butterfield, 305.491.9743,

Vice President-Paula King, 786.616.1355,

Board of Directors:
Director of Code Compliance – Sipiwe Anderson ;
Director – David Goodwin
Director – Sunny Goodwin

Membership Requirements: Own or occupy property in area

Meeting Schedule/Calendar: TBA at Crespi Park (78 Street/ Hawthorne Avenue entrance)

Mission of Association: To improve the quality of life of all residents of Biscayne Beach

Summary of Accomplishments:

-Identified & increasing parking space on streets and with a surface lot
-Obtained, & now permitting to build, kayak launch at 81st Street /Crespi pedestrian bridge
-81 Street / Crespie Walk Bridge design improvements (water pump access, walkway, lighting, landscaping)
-Implemented Neighborhood Walks & Increased police presence throughout the neighborhood|
-Dog Park at Stillwater Park, increased doggie bag stations
-77 Street Bridge improvement (pavers)
-Improved quality of lighting on Hawthorne Avenue
-Added green iron trash cans throughout Island
-Graffiti free Island (for the most part)
-Open communication channels between neighbors
-Introduced City Commission candidates at NA Meetings
-Improved communication channel between City and residents