Biscayne Beach

Association Name: Biscayne Beach Neighborhood Association

Area: Between Hawthorne and Crespie Avenue (east/west) 86 Street – Bayside Lane


President- Neil Butterfield, 305.491.9743,

Vice President-Paula King, 786.616.1355,

Board of Directors

Director of Code Compliance – Maria Koller 786.395.1385 ;

Director of Code Compliance – Sipiwe Anderson ;

Director – David Goodwin

Director – Sunny Goodwin

Membership Requirements: Own or occupy property in area

Meeting Schedule/Calendar:  7 p.m. – 8 p.m. on the third Thursday of January, March, May, September and November (except holidays) at Crespi Park (78 Street / Hawthorne Avenue entrance)

Mission of Association: To improve the quality of life of all residents of Biscayne Beach

Summary of Accomplishments:

Implemented Neighborhood Walks

Increased police presence throughout the neighborhood

81 Street / Crespie Walk Bridge improvements (lighting, landscaping)

MBPD K-9 Training Facility at Stillwater Park

77 Street Bridge improvement (pavers)

Improved quality of lighting on Hawthorne Avenue

Added green iron trash cans throughout Island

Graffiti free Island (for the most part)

Open communication channels between neighbors

Improved communication channel between City and residents