Biscayne Point

Area: The Island of Biscayne Point is West of 77 Street and Hawthorne Avenue


Board of Directors:

  • President: Ronnie Issenberg
  • Vice President: Charlie Alvarez
  • Secretary: Bonnie Lee Shapiro
  • Co-Treasurer: ​Silvio Rodriquez
  • Co-Treasurer: Rachel Umlas

Members at Large:

  • Ronnie Issenberg
  • Ira Krieger
  • David Farcy
  • Scott Sandelin
  • Anita Krieger
  • Arthur Lane
  • Peter Burgess
  • Sandy Edelman
  • Terry Blechman
  • Larry Schweiger
  • Maurice Soriano

BPHA's Website address:

Membership Requirements:
Any property of that portion of the area known as Biscayne Point Island, West of the first canal parallel to and immediately East of Noremac Avenue, shall be eligible for active voting membership. Any non owner resident of same area may also be a member but shall not have voting privilages or hold office. Annual dues shall be in the amount determined by the Board and payable on the first day of each calendar year. Members who fail to pay their dues on or before February 15 shall loose their rights of membership, including that of voting or holding office.

Meeting Schedule/Calendar:
General: There shall be a General Meeting each calendar year in the month of October or November. This meeting shall be for the purpose of hearing the Annual Report of the President, the Report of the Treasurer and taking final action on the reports and recommendations of various committees. Committee Reports shall be provided to the Board in written form prior to the meeting.

Board: The Board will hold a minimum of six(6) meetings each year, Meetings shall be called by the President or upon the request of at least three (3) members of the Board. Homeowners shall be informed of the meetings.

Committee: Each Committee Chairperson shall schedule and hold meetings necessary to meet the goals of the committee. Meetings may be accomplished through telephone, email, or other electronic devices.

Special: The President or any three(3) members of the Board may call a Special Meeting after reasonable notice specifying need.

A quorum shall consist of at least five (5) members of the Board for the transaction of business. Approval of motions shall require 75% majority vote. All meetings shall be scheduled at least five (5) days in advance, with the exceptionof any emergency or By-Laws Revision Meeting. All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order.

By-Laws: the Board shall appoint a By-Laws Committee when the need arises. The Board must approve Amendments and Revisions to the By-Laws before they are submitted to the general membership.