Flamingo Park

Area: The Flamingo Park Neighborhood — bounded on the north by Lincoln Road, on the south by 5 Street, on the east by Washington Avenue and on the West by Alton Road – surrounds Flamingo Park.

Contact: Scott Needelman ; 305.710.5584 ; flamingomb@gmail.com

Membership Requirements: All residents of the area are invited to attend and participate.

Meeting Schedule/Calendar: Meetings take place the first Monday of the month at 5:30 p.m. in the multi purpose room of the Flamingo Park Tennis Center

Mission of Association: The Flamingo Park Neighborhood Committee provides information to community residents and develops consensus and collaboration on Quality of Life, City Projects and Initiatives, Planning and Zoning Matters and other issues of interest to the South Beach historic, urban, residential neighborhood.

Summary of Accomplishments:

Quality of Life Issues: Assure the peaceful residential character of the neighborhood through continued attention to crime and safety, traffic and parking, refuse and animal waste, commercial intrusion and control of horns, alarms and other inappropriate noise.

Adequate Circulation: Implement improvements in traffic calming and vehicle flow; continue to develop local transit alternatives, bicycle routes and safer pedestrian passages; and ease commercial crossings and access to the beach and bay.

Flamingo Park: Maintain and sustain the park as an important recreational amenity for residents of the neighborhood, the City and the region by maintaining green space, planting shade trees, and assuring adequate maintenance and programming.

Planning and Zoning: Support public works projects and capital improvement projects with the aim of providing more modern infrastructure and amenities. Monitor neighborhood and comprehensive plans, deliberations of the Planning Board, Historic Preservation Board, Design Review Board and the City Commission.