North Shore Historic District

Area: The North Shore Historic District spans from Harding Avenue and Ocean Terrace to Crespi Boulevard, and from 73 Street to 87 Terrace.

Contact: Kirk Paskal,  ; 

Membership Requirements: Membership is voluntary and open to residents, property owners and businesses who live within and/or operate within and around the geographic area and other individuals affiliated with the North Shore National Register District who agree with the purpose of the association.

Meeting Schedule/Calendar: The NSHDNA conducts regular quarterly and ad hoc meetings while maintaining an active and growing email list.

Mission: Our mission is to protect and enrich the historic quality of our residential neighborhoods, promote appropriate commercial development in the commercial areas, ensure responsible stewardship of our parks and natural areas, address quality of life issues for residents and visitors and promote a strong sense of community.

Summary: The NSHD was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on November 18, 2009 and comprises one of the most extensive, intact and cohesive concentrations of modernist mid-century architecture in the U.S.The NSHD runs parallel to the North Shore Open Space Park, one of the vastest natural conservation and park areas within the city of Miami Beach - running along the Atlantic beachfront from 79 Street to 87 Street Our association serves our members by fostering communication, engaging government, nurturing strategic alliances and developing initiatives to safeguard and advance our community in accordance with our mission statement.