South Pointe

Area: The South Pointe Redevelopment Area's northern boundary is 6 Street. Fifth Street is an appropriate northern geographic boundary for the South Pointe area for purposes of the activities of the South Pointe Residents Association. At a joint meeting of representatives of the South Pointe Residents Association and members of the Flamingo Park Neighborhood Committee, October 13, 2003, there was unanimous agreement on that boundary.

Contact: Frank Del Vecchio ; 305.672.2486 ;

Membership Requirements: Open to residents of the South Pointe area, south of Fifth Street, who subscribe to the purposes of the association.

Meeting Schedule/Calendar: Meetings may be held from time to time as necessary and appropriate. The principal method of regular communication among organizers and residents is e-mail.

Mission of Association: Endorses the mission of the association of South Beach Neighborhood Associations in general, and with specific reference to South Pointe residential quality of life: "To preserve and enhance the quality of life for residents in all neighborhoods of South Beach by joining together to ensure that residential interests are effectively represented in city government."In addition: Since the dissolution in 2003 of the South Pointe Advisory Board to the Redevelopment Authority, city officials have looked to the South Pointe Residents Association for review and comment on special events applications and for assistance in disseminating information about city meetings affecting South Pointe. And further: At a meeting with officials January 6, 2004, members of the organizing committee decided to formalize the Association's function to facilitate contact by and with city departments on neighborhood quality of life issues and other matters where the city seeks or requires neighborhood input.