Track the Trolley

The Miami Beach Trolley Tracker is currently undergoing improvements and has been temporarily removed from the Miami Beach Gov app. In the meantime, we encourage riders to download the Transit App that will provide efficient and reliable trolley tracking. We are committed to providing our residents and visitors with the best possible transit experience in Miami Beach, and hope to have an integrated trolley tracker within the Miami Beach Gov App in the near future.

Transit App

Transit App

The Transit App enhances your ability to track trolleys in real-time with additional features designed to improve your commuting experience. The city covers the cost of the app’s premium subscription, known as “Royale,” so all of our users can access these premium features for free when tracking the trolleys in Miami Beach.

Get Started with Transit App in Three Easy Steps:

1. Download the App:

Download App from Apple Store Button

Download app on Google Play

2. Open the app.

3. Search for Miami Beach Trolleys Routes to start tracking in real-time.

Alternatively, our customer service team is available at 305.673.7117 to provide trolley ETAs directly. Users can also text the City of Miami Beach stop ID number (available on all trolley stop signs) to 786.981.4545 to receive arrival times via text message.

The Miami Beach free citywide trolley service operates 15 hours a day, from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., 7 days a week at approximately 20-minute average service frequency along each route.

Need additional assistance? If you require help with the Transit App or have other questions about Miami Beach trolley services, please contact our customer support at

The city’s former trolley tracking provider, TSO Mobile, is no longer in service.