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Vacation Short Term Rentals

Practice Safe Renting

Vacation Short Term Rentals

Practice Safe Renting

Vacation/short-term rentals (less than six months and one day) have become popular alternatives to traditional hotels. However, pursuant to the Miami Beach City Code (Sec 142-1111) and City Code (Sec 142-905 (b)),  vacation/short-term rentals are prohibited in all single-family homes and in many multi-family housing buildings in certain zoning districts of Miami Beach.

Approved vacation/short-term rentals have the proper authorization and zoning approval for this activity including a Business Tax Receipt and Resort Tax account. Pursuant to the Miami Beach City Code (Sec 102-386vacation/short-term rentals that are permitted in certain zoning districts of Miami Beach shall provide and conspicuously display the City-issued Business Tax Receipt number and the Resort Tax certificate number in every advertisement or listing of any type in connection with the rental of the residential property.

For more information on illegal vacation / short-term rentals contact Code Compliance at 305.673.7555 or our Customer Service Center at 305.673.7420.

Does my property qualify to be used as a short-term rental?

Safe Renting FAQs

Is your property listed on the zoning map in a qualified zone?
If so, you are permitted to operate a short-term rental and must obtain a Vacation/Short-Term Rental Business Tax Receipt.

How do I obtain a Vacation/Short-Term Rental Business Tax Receipt?

  1. Register your Account  
  2. Once your account is registered, log into the Citizen Access Portal to register your property as a Business  

I have witnessed an illegal short-term rental and would like to report it.
Report an illegal vacation/short-term rental

I am planning a trip to Miami Beach and I would like to see if the property I am considering is a legal short-term rental.
Verify if the unit you are renting is properly authorized for vacation/short-term rental