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Parks And Recreation

The City of Miami Beach Parks and Recreation Department prides itself on providing a fun and safe place for those who live and play in our beautiful, vibrant community. With over 40 parks and facilities to explore and hundreds of different programs, we strive to provide the best experience for you and your family. Join a team, make a friend, discover something new with the Parks & Recreation Department.

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An individual or business entity must obtain a COFA permit if they would like to organize or offer any activity in a Miami Beach park where five or more individuals are engaged in an organized group, and for which a payment or fee is made directly or indirectly.

 This may include clinics, exercise or physical training program(s), guided class(es) in aerobics, yoga or tai chi, self-defense or martial arts class(es), personal improvement instruction, physical education program(s), Zumba class(es), boot camp(s), circuit training, cross training, and art classes or any other class, camp, guided activity, program or related service as determined by the Parks and Recreation Director.

 To apply for a COFA permit, please complete the form found at the link below and send it to Paul DiMuont at PaulDiMuont@miamibeachfl.gov.

COFA “Commercial Use Outdoor Fee-Based Activity” Application

For more information on the Scott Rakow Youth Center, click here >

For more information on the North Shore Park Youth Center, click here >

The City of Miami Beach has established an Adopt-A-Bench Program, providing individuals or entities the ability to commemorate or honor family, friends, or special events by adopting a new or an existing bench in a City park.
Click here for more information

Q1: Does the City of Miami Beach Parks & Recreation have any Summer Camps activities?
Yes! The City develops and plans a wide variety of summer programs that appeal to young minds in a fun and positive ways. For commencement dates, please call the Parks and Recreation Department at 305.673.7730.

Q2. What's the difference between a Specialty Camp and a Summer Camp?
A Specialty Camp places a greater emphasis on a particular sport, craft or activity while a summer camp program incorporates numerous recreational activities into a fun filled full day.

Q3. Do I need to be a Miami Beach resident to attend the City's camps?
No. Non-Resident fees have been established for all Miami Beach programs.

Q4. How much does it cost to sign up for Summer Day Camp?
Visit our summer camp and specialty camp webpages for the latest camp fees or call 305.673.7730 for more information.

Q5. Do you offer any programs for people with disabilities?
Yes! The City of Miami Beach strives to make all of our programs accessible to all who wish to participate, including, but not limited to, inclusion into recreation-which allows children with disabilities to participate alongside children without disabilities in recreational programs. Recreational programs for adults are also available. Please contact the ADA Coordinator Cindy Casanova at 305.673.7730 more information.

Q6. What other options are available if I cannot afford to pay for my child to attend Summer Camp?
Financial Assistance is available for After School Programs and Summer Camp for qualified Miami Beach residents. To be considered for Financial Aid, you must submit a complete registration and scholarship packet. Some restrictions apply. Documentation may be required. Call 305.673.7730 for more information.

Q7. Does the City offer a discount on the Summer Camp if more than one child is registered?
Yes! A 50% discount is applied for each additional Miami Beach resident sibling for the summer camp program.

Q8. What type of activities does the After School Program offer the kids?
A score of games and activities such as kickball, soccer, tails, arts & crafts, homework assistance and others, are provided on a daily basis.

Q9. Who is considered a Miami Beach Resident?
The city limits are from 1st street to 86th street. Please visit our Residency Requirements webpage to inquire about any documents needed in order to enroll in our programs at resident rate. We may require additional documentation. 

Q10. What paperwork do I need to bring in to qualify for a scholarship? Could there be more I need to provide after I make the application?
Applicant must be a City of Miami Beach Resident. Please visit our Residency Requirements webpage to inquire about any documents needed in order to enroll in our programs at resident rate. Applicants must also fill out a financial aid application and submit income verification such as income tax, section 8 subsidy, Medicaid, food stamps or any other government assistance. The City reserves the right to require additional documentation, when appropriate.
Q11. Do your pools have an accessible lift?
Yes! Flamingo Park Pool, the Scott Rakow Youth Center, and Normandy Isle Pool all have accessible lifts. Please call ahead if possible; Flamingo: 305.673.7750, Scott Rakow: 305.673.7200, Normandy: 305.993.2021.
Q12. Does the City have beach wheelchairs?
The City of Miami Beach offers manual "Beach wheelchairs" for those who are mobility impaired, to enjoy our beautiful beaches. Please follow these recommendations for making your surf chair experience more enjoyable:
• Call ahead 305.673.7000 ext. 7714. It is on a first come, first serve basis from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.
• Bring a friend for assistance. Beach wheelchairs are not self-propelled and City staff are not able to provide assistance with transferring into or pushing you in the chair.
• Keep track of time. Staff must store the chairs before they leave each day. Chairs must be returned by 5:00 pm.
• Leave a deposit. There is no charge to use the Beach wheelchairs, but you may be asked to leave something of value, (drivers license, wheelchair, photo ID, etc.) to ensure that the chair will be returned.
• Be careful. The Beach wheelchair can go into the water no more 6” deep because the wheels are very buoyant, so stay near the shoreline. However, the electric chairs cannot go into the water.
• Mobi-Mats are a safe beach access surface for those who are mobility impairs to reach our beautiful beaches. Locations: South of 1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 8th, 10th, 14th, 15th, Lincoln Road, 17th, 19th, 64th, 69th, 72nd, 74th, and 79th Street.
• Keep us posted. Let us know how we can improve our access to people with disabilities. Please call our ADA coordinator, Cindy Casanova with suggestions at 305.673.7730.
Beach wheelchair locations: 1001 Ocean Drive and South Pointe Park (1st Street).
Q13. Does the City have any Dog Parks?
Yes! Please visit our Bark Parks webpage for more information.

Q14. Does the City have any Mommy and Me programs?
We offer a variety of programs that gear interaction between parent and child. For more information on Toddler programs please visit our Toddler Web Page or call to inquire information by telephone at 305.673.7730.

Q15. How long is financial aid good for?
Financial Aid forms must be filled out for Summer Camp and/or the beginning of our After School Program. Financial Aid approved for After School is good from the end of August – the end of the summer.

Q16. Does the City offer any programs for adults?
Absolutely! Adult programs vary throughout the season. Some of our adult programs include: Tennis, Swimming, Computer Classes, Senior Scenes and Athletic Leagues. Please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 305.673.7730 or click Adult Programs  or Senior Programs for more information. 

Q17. Does the City rent facilities and what are the requirements to rent one?
Yes, we offer a wide selection of facilities for rental from a park pavilion to an entire youth center! Rental fees are based on the facility selected and must include City staff. For a list of facilities available please visit our website rental page, visit our facilities or call 305.673.7730 .

Q18. When is the Recreation Review published?
The Recreation Review is published annually to highlight Miami Beach summer camp offerings. It is mailed to all families with children in Miami Beach. In addition, the City's MB Magazine is mailed quarterly to every household in Miami Beach and includes year-round updates on Parks and Recreation programs. For a copy of the Recreation Review, please click here.

Q19. What are the quarter dates for the after school & summer program?
We are no longer operating by quarters. We now run our After School Program based on a school calendar year. Please visit our After School web page or our Summer Camp web page for this information.

Q20. Does the City have recreation programs for 3 & 4 year olds?
The City of Miami Beach Parks and Recreation Department currently offers a Playtime program for children ages 3-4. This program includes dancing, singing, arts and crafts, guest appearances and some academics Monday through Friday 9:00 am - 1:00 pm. Class size is limited. Please visit our Toddler Programs webpage for more information We also offer swimming classes, art classes and much more. Please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 305.673.7730 for more information.

Q21. Can I rent a park /playground or facility from the Parks and Recreation Department?
Yes! We have many locations for rentals and birthday parties. For more information on rentals, visit website rental page or please call 305.673.7730 or visit our facilities.

Q22. Is there a fee to join the After school program?
Please visit our After School page for the latest fee information.
Financial Aid is available for qualified city residents. 

Q23. Do you have an Adopt a Tree Program?
The City of Miami Beach currently does not have one however; Miami-Dade County does have an Adopt-a-Tree Program. Click here for more 
information >
Q24. Can I make a donation to the Parks and Recreation Department?

For sponsorship donations contact the Marketing & Communications Department by calling 305.673.7000 ext. 7575. 
Q25. Do residents get preferred rates at city facilities, including the golf courses & recreation programs?
We have preferred resident rates for all programs in the Parks and Recreation Department. All fees are quoted per program series or activity. Please call 305.673.7730 for more information.

Q26. Can I register, find information, or make a tee time on-Line for the Miami Beach Golf Club?
The Miami Beach Golf Club has designated policies to accommodate a smooth and fast tee time booking for on-line users. Please visit
 Miami Beach Golf Club  or call our pro-shop at 305.532.3350 to book now! The Normandy Shores Golf Club is also available for play. Please call 305.868.6502.
Q27. What other services are offered at the Miami Beach Golf Club and the Normandy Shores Golf Club?
Both golf clubs are full service. Golf lessons are available from our PGA certified professionals in a group or individual. Please visit the Miami Beach Golf Club web page or the Normandy Shores Golf Club web page for more information. 

Q28. Can anyone use the Youth Centers all day- any day?
The Scott Rakow Youth Center and North Shore Park Youth Center are open Mondays – Fridays for registered After School participants. The Scott Rakow Youth Center caters to children grades 4th - 12th and the North Shore Park Youth Center caters to children grades K - 5th from 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm. For more information on our hours of operation for the youth centers please visit the 
 Scott Rakow Youth Center  or  North Shore Park & Youth Center . 
Q29. Who do I call to reserve a field or open space?
To reserve a field or open space email igorlopez@miamibeachfl.gov.

Q30. Are Tennis private lessons allowed at neighborhood parks?
No! Outside contractors cannot utilize city facilities for profit.  Report unauthorized lessons to 305.673.7730.

Q31. Do you provide transportation from schools for your After School programs?
Free transportation is provided for after school registered participants from the following school sites: Biscayne, Treasure Island, South Pointe, Fienberg Fisher, Mater Beach and North Beach Elementary Schools, Nautilus Middle School and Miami Beach Senior High on all school days. Transportation is provided ONLY from designated pick up sites to their neighborhood facilities.

Q32. Do you provide transportation to your sports leagues?
We do not offer transportation to our intramural sport leagues. For more information please call 305.673.7730.

Q33. Can anyone join the swim team?
Please call 305.673.7750, visit our Aquatics webpage 
or email pdimuont@miamibeachfl.gov for more information.
Q34. Is a child with disabilities allowed to participate in your programs?
Inclusion in Recreation enables children with disabilities to participate in regularly scheduled recreational activities including after school programs, athletics, and more at the following locations: Scott Rakow Youth Center, North Shore Park Youth Center, Normandy Isle, and the Flamingo Park at the Police Athletic League.

Q35. Do you have Senior programs?
Yes! The “Senior Scenes” program which is designed for senior citizens, has recently regained popularity due to the introduction of new classes such as Fine Arts & Painting, Yoga and Chair Aerobics. Please visit or Senior Programs Page 
for a detailed list of our programs or call 305.861.3616 for more information.
Q36. Are Golf private lessons given at the Miami Beach Golf club?
Yes! We do offer private lessons at the Miami Beach Golf Club. Please contact Steve Farrell, Director of Golf at 305.532.3350 for more information.

Q37. Can I remove a tree from the swale?
No! Residents are required to pull a permit to transplant, prune, relocate or remove any tree from a swale in the City. An application form acquired from the Public Works Department, which will act as the lead agency is required. The completed application will then be processed through the Planning Department, Parks Maintenance, Environmental Resource Management Division and Parking Departments for further review. To obtain a permit a $25 application fee is required payable to the City. Please call Public Works at 305.673.7620 for more information.

Q38. Who maintains the causeways into the City?
The Greenspace Division manages the causeway with a full service landscape service to the public. Please call 305.673.7720 for more information.

Q39. Do you offer community service hours?
Miami Beach teens in grades 10-12 are eligible to be interviewed for the Counselor in Training Program in the summer. Limited enrollment available. Participants will learn the necessary skills to become future recreation professionals. Teens must be able to work the full eight weeks and will be trained by our experienced staff. Teens must apply in person, with their last report card at the camp site of their interest. Selections will be based on grade point average, camp experience and leadership ability. Registration: $100. For more information call 305.673.7767, (Limited community service hours are also available during the school year for grades 6 - 8 call center for more information.)

Q40. How can I get a job with your Department?

Human Resources mission is to locate and hire the most qualified applicants, while serving the total needs of all employees. Please visit  Human Resources  for our list of current job openings. You can now apply online by clicking on the job title you are interested in and then submitting your application electronically!.
Q41. Who do I contact in order to have a special event in the city?
Please visit our 
special events page for information regarding special events, weddings/ceremonies, demonstrations, banners & billboards, event locations and more.
 How do the new participation membership for recreation programs work? For how long is each card valid?

Membership is designed to eliminate parents from filling out the same paperwork repeatedly for each program/location with the exception of certain paperwork such as the emergency contact information, field trip forms, etc. This will expedite the whole registration process.  Employees may still ask to verify proof of residency.  Memberships are valid for 2 years from the beginning of the Fall through the end of the Summer (ex. Fall 2019 - Summer 2021).

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