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Human Resources

The City of Miami Beach Human Resources Department is responsible for all personnel related activities and is comprised of the following functional areas: Benefits and Risk Management Division, Recruitment and Testing, Labor and Employee Relations, Training and Development, and Compensation. To ensure more effective Human Resources support reflective of our vital strategic role in the City of Miami Beach’s growth and success, we are presently streamlining Human Resources processes, utilizing updated technologies, redefining roles, and clarifying and consolidating policies. We are committed to providing our employees with a stable work environment and equal opportunity for learning and personal growth. City of Miami Beach employees are provided with the same respect, consideration and caring attitude within the organization that they are expected to share externally with every city patron.

We are committed to treating each person as a valued customer while contributing positively to achieve the overall goals of the City of Miami Beach through comprehensive programming that displays a thorough understanding of all aspects of the human resource profession, including proactive involvement in areas of legal compliance and service that displays a genuine interest in the lives of others.

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The Compensation Division is tasked with New/Rehires, Promotions, Reclassifications, Transfers, Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA), Merit Increases, Premium Pay Incentives, and  Section 5 Allowances, tuition assistance reimbursement direct payments, family medical leave approval, leave donation transfers, and all leave and pay adjustments within Human Resources.

The Employee Relations Division implements the disciplinary process and provides guidance on disciplinary matters with the goal of correction and enhancement of employee performance, oversees the random drug and alcohol testing process, the reasonable suspicion testing process, the fitness for duty and "last chance" process, and is charged with the responsibility of responding to Equal Employment Opportunity discrimination claims.

The Labor Relations Division is devoted to the acquisition and exchange of perspectives, information, and skills in the fields of public sector collective bargaining, labor-management and employee relations.

The Employee Benefits Division manages the benefit programs for both the City’s active and retired employees, Providing open enrollment opportunities as necessary to guarantee all benefit eligible employees and retirees are made aware of benefit options available to them, Addressing any questions regarding coverage, plan payment or retirement options, Acting as a liaison between the benefit plan the employee or retiree and the City to ensure the benefit programs provide value-added cost effective coverage.

The Recruitment, Testing and Audit Division is the starting point of any career with the City, It performs screening, entry and promotional testing, interviews and background examinations for potential employees.

The Risk Management Division manages a comprehensive insurance/self-insurance program to protect the assets of the City and to provide benefit to its employees, residents, and the general public with primary emphasis on quality, cost, and safety

The Training & Development Division is responsible for the development, instruction, administration, employee counseling, management, research, planning, implementing, monitoring, evaluating varied training programs.

This Division’s responsibilities include consulting with department heads and supervisors to determine their training needs and priorities.  It also evaluates on-going programs and recommends additional training.  It may perform needs assessments, planning development of new programs, revision of existing programs, and maintaining contacts with educational resources, as well as private sector training agencies.

Members of the Division work on the coordination of training programs which meet departmental and City-wide needs.