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Flood Awareness

Understanding flood risk is important for Miami Beach as a coastal barrier island.

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See a discrepancy?

Members of the community have opportunities to submit evidence on why they believe their property has been improperly mapped. Consider submitting an appeal, comment, and/or Letter of Map Change (LOMC).

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Need Help?

Make an appointment with the City’s Floodplain Manager. Appointments may be made through the Building Department’s Online Appointment System 

Call the City’s Floodplain Manager at 305.673.7610

For more information on flood risk and flood insurance:

Flood Awareness on Miami Beach

This website and the Flood Awareness Guide  were created to be your source to help reduce flood risk in Miami Beach.  They provide knowledge and information for us all to plan and prepare, and act and adapt to reduce flood risk now and for years to come as a coastal community. Learn more about Miami Beach's 2022 Program for Public Information (PPI)  and Resiliency Strategy.

The following fact sheets were created to provide focused information about flood risk and ways to reduce that risk.  They share overall knowledge about the National Flood Insurance Program as well as important tips for target audiences like renters and prospective property owners. The fact sheets are currently being updated and will continue to include the most recent flood awareness information.

10 Steps to Flood Awareness

Are you interested in resilient construction?

Are you interested in purchasing property on Miami Beach?

What to do before, during, and after a flood.

Learn more about King Tides.

Keep it Clean! Storm drains lead to Biscayne Bay.

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Why do extreme rain events cause flooding?

Flood Protection Assistance