Flood Awareness

Flood Awareness

Understanding flood risk is important for Miami Beach as a coastal barrier island.

  • NEW! FEMA is updating Flood Maps that may result in changes in the flood zone and base flood elevation for property owners. FEMA is in the post-processing stage of updating these maps and they are not yet effective.
  • FEMA has recently notified Communities in Miami-Dade County of a 90 Day Appeal Period for the proposed updated FEMA Flood Insurance Study Maps starts on 12/01/2021 and ends on 3/01/2022.
  • FEMA’s detailed digital flood hazard maps reflect current flood risks for Miami Beach. View the current Flood Zone Maps using Miami-Dade County’s interactive web tool. Make sure to click the “Preliminary Flood Zones” tab on the top corner of the page to access them.
  • Property owners are encouraged to review the map changes through the resources included below:



This website and the Flood Awareness Guide were created to be your source to help reduce flood risk in Miami Beach.  They provide knowledge and information for us all to plan and prepare, and act and adapt to reduce flood risk now and for years to come as a coastal community. Learn more about Miami Beach's 2022 Program for Public Information (PPI) and Resiliency Strategy.

The following fact sheets were created to provide focused information about flood risk and ways to reduce that risk.  They share overall knowledge about the National Flood Insurance Program as well as important tips for target audiences like renters and prospective property owners. The fact sheets are currently being updated and will continue to include the most recent flood awareness information.


What is the Program for Public Information?

The Program for Public Information Plan was developed in 2017 to help reduce flood risk and the cost of national flood insurance premiums for residents and businesses. The plan is updated every year to highlight the progress made toward desired outcomes, review project implementation status and propose recommendations for improvement. In 2022, the Committee created a new, five-year Program for Public Information.

The plan and annual report are part of the Community Rating System (CRS) requirements, a voluntary program under the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) allowing communities to earn flood insurance discounts.

Miami Beach pursued an aggressive goal to improve its CRS ranking from a Class 6 to a Class 5 and was officially awarded the new score in 2019.  In 2022, the City received formal notice that its Class 5 rating was officially recertified. With this score, the City continues to receive a 25% discount which totals $8.6 million in savings annually. This helps offset increasing federal rates.