Flood Awareness


This website and the Flood Awareness Guide were created to be your source to help reduce flood risk in Miami Beach.  They provide knowledge and information for us all to plan and prepare, and act and adapt to reduce flood risk now and for years to come as a coastal community. Learn more about Miami Beach's Resiliency Communications Plan and Resiliency Strategy.

The following fact sheets were created to provide focused information about flood risk and ways to reduce that risk.  They share overall knowledge about the National Flood Insurance Program as well as important tips for target audiences like renters and prospective property owners.

Miami Beach is a coastal community. Our sun-kissed island is surrounded by the beautiful waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay. We want you to be aware of flood risk from major rain events and storm surge, but also know that Miami Beach is leading the way locally and nationally to reduce that risk.

South Pointe Park

Miami Beach, like much of Miami-Dade County, lies close to sea level and its underground water supply is just below the ground surface. Therefore, major rain events and King-Tides sometimes leave rainwater nowhere to drain, causing occasional flooding.

Miami Beach is investing in public infrastructure to reduce flood risk associated with rainfall, storms and sea-level rise. The city is raising roads, installing Stormwater pumps, raising sea walls, and creating higher elevation standards for new and substantial improvements.

For more information on flood protection and related topics at the national level, please visit FEMA.

Stormwater Pump Station

Miami Beach Stormwater Pump Station Upgrades.