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Code Compliance

The Code Compliance Department is dedicated to protecting public health, safety, and welfare; improving the quality of life for our City’s residents, business owners, and visitors through education and the consistent and equitable application of the City’s Code of Laws and Ordinances.

The Code Compliance Department is responsible for maintaining the community’s quality of life by seeking compliance with certain provisions contained in the City of Miami Beach Code of Law and Ordinances. Our department routinely works with all residents, business owners, and visitors of the City and responds to requests for service. Code Compliance Officers ensure all requests are tracked and investigated individually in addition to ensuring the violations are corrected promptly. Please review "Types of Violations" to learn more about some common codes we enforce.

The Department functions on an almost 24-hour basis with Code Compliance Officers on duty and available to respond to citizens' concerns seven days a week. For more information regarding our hours of operation, please click this link – Hours of Operation

Code Compliance is ISO9001:2015 certified!  ISO9001:2015 is the international standard that specifies requirements for a Quality Management System.  Organizations use the standard to demonstrate the ability to consistently provide services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.  This structured system builds a culture and practice of quality, customer service and improvement.  Click the following link to access our Quality Policy. 

Types of Violations

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Rent Ordinance FAQs


Code Compliance is Paperless!

This year, the Code Compliance Department went completely paperless to streamline our internal processes and become more efficient in serving the public.  Starting with receiving complaints from the eGov application (click on 'Report a Violation' below to access) automatically, gathering electronic evidence, report writing, and all necessary documentation into our internal system.

This accomplishment has created an environmental impact by reducing paper usage and giving our dedicated Code Officers the opportunity to be in the field for a longer period of time.  Now, we can focus even more on serving the public and maintaining the quality of life for all that work, live, and play in our beautiful tropical city.

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Rent Ordinance FAQs

The Miami Beach City Commission unanimously approved an ordinance on February 9, 2021 requiring residential landlords to give their tenants at least 60 days written notice before imposing a rent increase greater than 5%. Below are some frequently asked questions and responses regarding the ordinance.

For the purposes of this ordinance, a substantial rent increase is defined as a rent increase that is greater than 5%.

The ordinance requires residential landlords to provide at least 60 days written notice to their tenants before the new rent amount takes effect.

The city ordinance does not address commercial properties. However, commercial landlords may choose to give their commercial tenants 60 days written notice before imposing a rent increase of more than 5%.

Some Miami Beach residents have complained of substantial rent hikes with little or no notice from their landlords, leaving them scrambling to find suitable housing at a price they can afford. The ordinance

No. This measure applies to residential leases that are expiring after a set period, such as 12 months. It also applies to tenancies without a set duration such as month-to-month tenancies.

Once the required written notice has been provided by the landlord, the tenant has 30 days to agree to the proposed rent increase or to negotiate an acceptable compromise. If the tenant does neither within 30 days of receiving the notice, the landlord may proceed with the increase at the end of the 60-day period or require the tenant to move.

The Miami Beach Code Compliance Department enforces this new requirement on a complaint-driven basis. Tenants can call the Code Compliance Department at 305.604.CITY (2489). A Code officer will be dispatched to investigate.

Office Information

Code Compliance Director
Hernan Cardeno is a 34-year veteran of law enforcement, having first served with the Bal Harbour Police Department where he rose through the ranks to Assistant Chief of Police.
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Front Office Hours:
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On Duty
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Friday & Saturday:
24 hours
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Call: 305.673.7555
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