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Pre-Submittal Meeting

The Building Department offers a free pre-submittal consultation to its Customers. The consultation entails meeting with the Department's Chiefs, the project's Architect, Owner, and Contractor to discuss the project's timelines and to identify the best approach to permit the proposed project. Based on this meeting and depending on the scope of work of the project, the team will be advised on how to effectively prepare and submit the permitting packages. To request the pre-submittal consultation meeting, please follow the instructions listed on this form.

One of the topics of the pre-submittal consultation meeting is the discussion of the most effective permitting process based on the scope of work of the project. For instance, projects that consist of more than one structure or building within the building site, may be divided into construction phases or stages or, the structures may be built by obtaining separate master permits for each structure. By phasing or staging a project, the Building Official may allow for Temporary Certificates of Occupancy to be granted. Please be advised that the structure scheduled to open first is required to have included the project's site common elements and landscaping in its scope.

If separate permits are issued for each building, then each permit will have to receive a “Finaled” status before the next one is allowed to start construction. These alternatives enable the Project team to have maximum flexibility with regards to the issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy.

It is understood that the Pre-submittal meeting comments are not comprehensive, but preliminary in nature. Additional comments not discussed in the meeting may be generated when the project is formally submitted for a full plan review.