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Neighborhood Resiliency Projects Advisory Committee



    1. The purpose of the Neighborhood Resilience Projects Advisory Committee is to act as an advisory board to City Commission and City Manager on neighborhood infrastructure programs and private property matters related to the City's resilience projects. This includes helping build awareness of existing and future projects within the community and seeking resident ideas and feedback to improve the planning and delivery of future projects. The Committee will not advise on matters that have specifically been reviewed by the City Commission to avoid creating fiscal impacts or undue delays in the implementation of critical resiliency projects.

Powers and Duties 

    1. Provide advisory recommendations and feedback on best approaches to enhance resident education and resident engagement.
    2. Provide advisory recommendations and feedback regarding process improvements for flood mitigation.
    3. Share input and evaluate general neighborhood aesthetics and utility and infrastructure improvements, such as location decision criteria for pump stations or other improvements.
    4. Provide a forum for the Committee to share best practices and lessons learned from completed projects and/or ongoing projects, for potential incorporation as part of future projects.

Membership Composition. 

The committee shall be composed of seven (7) members. all of whom shall be appointed to serve for a term of no more than two (2) years at a time. Each member of the city commission shall make one (1) direct appointment to the committee.

    1. The seven (7) members shall be affiliated with the city pursuant to the general requirements in section 2-22 of the City Code. In addition. the members must meet the following requirements:
    2. General Requirements. Each of the seven (7) members must have a demonstrated interest in flood mitigation, sea level rise and adaptation. infrastructure. and/or neighborhood leadership issues. including, without limitation, academia, homeowners associations, condominium associations, cooperatives. civic groups. or other similar qualifications. It would be beneficial if members have expertise in the following fields:
      • a) Civil engineering or related background with a focus on infrastructure
      • b) Architecture. landscape architecture, or related field with a focus on neighborhood planning
      • c) Public engagement or communications for construction or neighborhood planning or similar
      • d) Emergency management planning, or disaster or flood mitigation.

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