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Ad Hoc Permitting Process Improvement Advisory Committee


1. The purpose of the Ad Hoc Building Department Improvement Advisory Committee (the "Committee") would be to comprehensively assess and evaluate the City's Building Department's permitting process and identify recommendations for streamlining the permit process and improving the customer service experience with the public.

2. The Committee will meet on a monthly basis, or as frequently as the Committee deems necessary to make final recommendations. The Committee will sunset after one year unless determined by the Mayor and City Commission that it should be extended.

Membership Composition, Knowledge and Experience:

1. The Committee shall be composed of seven (7) at-large appointments made by the Mayor and City Commission as a body.

2. Membership criteria for the Committee: individuals must be residents of the City for a minimum of two (2) years, or demonstrate ownership/interest in, or employment relationship with a business established in the City for a minimum of two (2) years. Exceptions to the foregoing may be approved by a majority vote of the City Commission for individuals with specific knowledge or expertise relative to regulatory permit processes.

3. Members shall possess the following knowledge and expertise:

a. One (1) general contractor member with permitting experience within the past five (5) years in the City of Miami Beach;

b. Two (2) members with experience as a permit expediter within the past five (5) years in any municipality;

c. One (1) member with experience as a plan reviewer within the past five (5) years in any municipality;

d. One (1) member with experience as an inspector within the past five (5) years in any municipality;

e. Two (2) residents that have built or made improvements to their own properties in the City of Miami Beach within the past five (5) years, regardless of the scale of the project.

4. Members of the Committee shall select a chairperson by majority vote at the Committee's first meeting.

Powers and Duties:

The Committee shall have the following powers and duties:

a. To request the presence of a representative from each supporting department, as needed, at its meetings.

b. To review the adopted action items from the Berry Dunn August 31, 2023 report.

c. To make recommendations to refine and optimize the Berry Dunn suggestions where possible.

d. To generate new recommendations based on the Committee's insights, experiences, and observations.

e. To prepare and submit a report to the City Commission with the Committee's findings and recommendations.


Liaison: Eric Carpenter

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