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Marine and Waterfront Protection Authority


The Marine and Waterfront Protection Authority shall consist of fourteen (14) voting members, who shall be direct appointments with the Mayor and City Commissioners, each having two (2) direct appointments.

Appointments to the Authority shall consist of a combination of individuals who have had previous experience in:

1. The operation or inspection of marine facilities, including experience in various types of marine vessels and boating activities; and/or

2. Who have an interest in preservation of the City's beaches and waterfronts. The members of the Authority shall have the right and duty to consult with any member of the City Administration for technical or other information pertaining to the matters before them. City Liaison: Tasha Byars

Powers and Duties:

(1) Make periodic reports and advisory non-binding recommendations to the city manager or the city commission for the improvement of standards for the city in marine-related matters to promote and maintain a safe clean and healthy marine environment to be enjoyed by the city's residents and visitors. This shall include working in cooperation with federal, state, and local agencies interested in marine standards and clean and clear waterways; and to publicizing the importance of adequate standards; and holding and conducting public hearings, discussions, forums and institutes to arrange programs for the presentation of information by experts in related fields.

(2) Foster and maintain a clean, litter-free marine environment by exploring the availability of enforcement techniques, new ordinances, and the active promotion of voluntary cleanups.

(3) Make recommendations regarding any ongoing and future waterside activities including the permitting and policing of water-related and beach concessions, wateroriented and marine-related special events, and marine and waterfront environmental issues.

(4) Make recommendations to the city manager and the city commission regarding potential suspension or revocation of business tax receipts for commercial charter operators that engage in nuisance or habitual unlawful activities. The City Manager shall respond to any recommendation made pursuant to this subsection within 30 days.

(5) The investigation, development, and carrying out of plans for the preservation and renourishment of the beaches in the city, including, but not limited to, erosion control.

(6) To foster and maintain a clean, safe, and litter-free beach environment by exploring the availability of enforcement techniques, programs, or new legislation to accomplish these goals.

(7) The encouragement of a desire in the citizenry and visitors to the city to maintain and preserve the city's beaches.

(8) The recommendation of plans to the city manager, city commission, as well as to other local, state, and federal governmental agencies, for the preservation and nourishment of the city's beaches.

(9) The authority's power of review and recommendation set forth hereinabove shall apply as well to such matters concerning maintenance of city boardwalks, beach walks, cutwalk and baywalks.


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