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Mayor's 41st Street Committee

Mission Statement

The Mayor’s 41st Street Committee (“Committee”) is created pursuant to the Mayor's authority to establish Mayor’s boards or committees under Section 2-27(b)(2) of the City Code. The purpose of the Committee is to study and make recommendations as to how to improve the quality of life for residents and visitors on 41st Street, which is one of the major gateways to Miami Beach.


The Committee shall consist of no more than eleven (11) members, all of whom shall be appointed by the Mayor to serve for a term of no more than one (1) year.

41st Street Committee Members
Yechiel Ciment, Chair
Bonnie Crabtree- Vice Chair
Jerry Bassuk
Betty Behar
Michael Burnstine
Rana Florida
Seth Gadinsky
Eric Hankin
Robin Jacobs
Charlotte Tomic
Jeremy Wachtel

The Committee Liaison that shall work directly with the Committee is Diana Fontani, Economic Development Redevelopment Specialist. Diana can be reached at DianaFontani@miamibeachfl.gov or at 305.673.7000 ext. 26722

Powers and Duties

The Committee shall:

  • Report directly to the Mayor;
  • Conduct publicly noticed meetings which shall be open to the public, as needed;
  • Have authority to meet directly with City staff, as required;
  • Consult with and obtain legal services from the City Attorney’s Office;
  • Provide committee meeting minutes (via placement on the City’s Economic Development Committee Resources webpage) for each meeting;
  • Provide written reports to the Mayor detailing the Committee’s activities and recommendations, as needed.

Legal Counsel

The City Attorney's Office shall provide legal services to the Committee as may be necessary or as requested by the Committee.

Committee Liaison

The Committee shall be provided with secretarial and such other staff support as the Committee may require. The City Manager shall designate an individual from the City Administration who shall have the responsibility of working with the Committee and whose duties shall include providing assistance, noticing meetings, preparing meeting agendas, and keeping minutes.

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