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City of Miami Beach
1700 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
Phone: 305.673.7000

Miami Beach Commission for Women


Twenty-one (21) members. Each of the seven (7) members of the City Commission shall appoint three (3) members. City Liaison: Monica Matteo-Salinas

Mission Statement

The Miami Beach Commission for Women strives to assure that the women of the City of Miami Beach have full participation in the issues that have an impact on their lives. The Commission advises city officials of social, economic, and legal barriers that prevent women from obtaining meaningful roles in the family, the labor force, government and society as a whole working toward the elimination of those barriers.

Resources and Hotlines Numbers:

  • Lotus House - Shelter for Women and Children: 305.438.0556
  • Miami Rescue Mission Center for Women and Children: 305.571.2250
  • Women in Distress/Broward County 24-hour Hotline: 954.761.1133
  • A Women's Place: 305.358.2063

Opportunities for Women:

  • Women of Tomorrow - Mentor and Scholarship Programs: 305.371.3330
  • Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida: 954.739.7660
  • Girl Scout Council: 305.253.4841
  • ANN Power Vital Voices
  • Mount Sinai Comprehensive Breast Services: 305.306.3140
  • P.E.O Program for Continuing Education: 515.255.3153
  • Anarcha, Betsy, and Lucy Memorial Scholarship Award: pmejia@nmfonline.org
  • O Wines Opportunity for Success Scholarship: 877.655.4097

We Want to Hear From You! What would you like to see discussed on the Commission, have ideas for activities or thoughts on events? Contact via email.

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Public Record Requests

Visit the City of Miami Beach Public Record Request site. Submit a new request, check the status of a submitted request, and search the record request archive.

If you have any questions about Public Records, please call the City of Miami Beach City Clerk's office at 305-673-7411.