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Next Generation Council


There is hereby created the next generation council which is an advisory board of the city. The purpose of the next generation council is to provide persons between the ages of 18 and 36 in Miami Beach with a vehicle to participate in city government, represent and articulate the needs of the city's next generation, provide recommendations to the mayor and city commissioners on issues and programs affecting the 18- to 36-year old population in the city, and to recommend strategies to attract and retain such persons in the city and to assist persons between the ages of 18 and 36 with, among other things, housing, career, and transportation opportunities or incentives.


(a) The Next Generation Council shall be composed of eleven (11) voting members.

(b) Members must be eighteen (18) years through thirty-six (36) years of age at the time of appointment, must have proven involvement in Miami Beach or South Florida community-based organizations, and must demonstrate a high degree of interest in or have a background in community-based activity in one of the following areas: transportation, sea level rise, affordable housing, entrepreneurship, or technology. Council members shall be selected as follows:

1. Seven (7) at-large appointments shall be made by the Mayor and City Commission.

2. Three (3) additional at-large appointments shall be made by the Mayor and City Commission as follows:

(a) One member must be a business owner in the City;
(b) One member must be licensed and actively practicing in the field of real estate;
(c) One member must be licensed and actively practicing in the field of architecture or engineering;

3. A member of the Millennial Action Council of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce shall be selected by the Chamber's Executive Board of Governors.

(c) The term of office for each member shall be one (1) year. Members may be appointed for one (1) subsequent one-year term; provided, however, that no member shall serve on or after his/her thirty-seventh (37th) birthday. In addition, board member terms shall automatically expire upon the latter of December 31 of the year the appointing City Commission member leaves office or upon the appointment/election of the successor City Commission member.

The supporting department for the Next Gen Council shall be the Office of the Mayor and City Commission.

Term: 1-year
Term limit: 2 years

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