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Sister Cities Program



The purposes and powers and duties of the Sister Cities Program are as follows:

(1) Cause the people of the city and the people of foreign cities to acquire a consciousness of each other, to understand each other as individuals, as members of their community, as citizens of their country and as part of the family of nations.
(2) Promote, as a consequence of such knowledge and consciousness, a continuing relationship of mutual concern between the people of the city and the people of its sister cities.
(3) Promote art, cultural, educational and business exchanges between the city and its sister cities.


The council shall consist of nine (9) members. Eight (8) of these members shall be direct appointments, with two (2) made by the mayor and one (1) made by each commissioner. One (1) member shall be appointed at large and shall be a representative of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce.

Knowledge and experience.

The members of the council shall be persons who are interested in furthering the purpose of the program. The council may establish individual sister city committees, and any person interested in furthering the purpose of the program may become a member of an individual sister city committee upon approval by the council. To qualify, the person shall present a resume and a letter of interest to the committee chairperson.

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