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City of Miami Beach
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Miami Beach, Florida 33139
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Board of Adjustment


The Board of Adjustment shall consist of seven voting members. Members shall be appointed for a two-year term, by a five-sevenths vote of the City Commission.

Two members shall be appointed as citizens at-large, and five professional members shall each be appointed as follows: A) One member shall represent the architecture profession, and the remaining four members shall represent one of the following professions (no more than one member per profession) namely: 1) law, 2) engineering, 3) real estate development, 4) certified public accounting, 5) financial consultation, and 6) general business. The members representing the professions of architecture, law, engineering, and public accounting shall be duly licensed by the State of Florida; the member representing general business shall be of responsible standing in the community.

Members of the board of adjustment must either be residents or have their principal place of business in Miami Beach.





Michael Goldberg [c]


Daniel Nagler [vc]

Board Member

James Silvers

Board Member

Joy Malakoff

Board Member

Andres Asion

Board Member

Geoffrey Aaronson

Board Member Vacant Vacant

For inquiries contact: BOA@miamibeachfl.gov

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