Strategic Planning

Welcome to the year of transition. This year initiates a significant evolution for the City of Miami Beach, as the coming annual cycle contains two major developments. First, as part of the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities program, the city is completing its first comprehensive resilience strategy – together with the City of Miami and Miami – Dade County within a team known as ‘Greater Miami and the Beaches.’ Second, the city is reinventing its 2005 strategic plan through the lens of resilience, called Miami Beach Rising Above.

We will have an integrated resiliency strategy to align the city’s strategic priorities, resources, services, and budget. The strategy will address the city’s needs in both near – term and long – term time horizons, while raising our ability to survive and even thrive in the event of significant shocks, like hurricanes and tropical storms, and to improve how we deal with daily stresses, like aging infrastructure and traffic.

Over the coming year, the entire city, from policy makers to directors and staff, will participate in a collaborative and inclusive effort, building on the solid strengths, plans, and services we already have in place and the desires of our residents and businesses. For more information click here.