Strategic Planning

Welcome to your Miami Beach Strategic Plan – and join us is in seeing the city through the Lens of Resilience. Miami Beach has reinvented its goals and objectives through the leadership of the City Commission and the Management Team. The resilience lens helps us clearly see our shocks and stresses. This gives all of us that are part of the Miami Beach team the opportunity to plan together, to reduce risk and to create co-benefits.

Rather than having separate strategic and resilience plans, this one strategy will focus on the city's needs in both near-term and long-term time horizons. This will raise our ability to survive and even thrive in the event of significant shocks, like storms and special events, and to improve how we deal with daily stresses like aging infrastructure and congestion.

Put on your lenses and get ready for some strategy!


Click here to view a progress report on the strategic plan’s top priorities. This report was discussed at the City Commission Goals Conference on March 5, 2020.

This strategic plan has a simple structure, leading with the new long-term vision that provides direction for five vision areas.

Each vision area includes:

  • City Commission goals developed at the Goals Conference held October 3, 2018. These goals are our organization's top policy priorities.
  • Comprehensive management objectives that provide more specific direction to the management team for accomplishing the goals.
  • Highlighted actions are the City Manager's top priorities for departments to implement. Additional important actions are identified and funded through the annual budget process.
  • The most relevant Resilient305 actions that Miami Beach will lead, support and benefit from.
  • Actions to reduce shocks and stresses are highlighted throughout the plan.