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Below is a list of all of the avenues you can use to connect with us.

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Want to rate your experience with us? Use CityGrader to do so. CityGrader is a simple and effective platform dedicated to increasing the quality and accountability of local governments through reviews and feedback that come directly from the public.

Keep up with all things happening at City Hall by viewing Commission Meetings and reading Agendas

 Stay connected by signing up to receive our e-newsletters. You can sign up to receive email notifications on specific areas, topics or meetings or to receive all notifications from the City.

Coming Soon! eComment will be integrated with all public meeting agendas, allowing residents to comment on upcoming agenda items. Residents can review agenda item details, indicate their position on topics (Support/Neutral/Oppose) and leave written feedback from the convenience of their own home. The Support/Neutral/Oppose buttons allows residents to succinctly express their positions on agenda items, and allows in-depth graphical reports to be viewed by the Mayor, Commissioners, and the Administration prior to a meeting, helping them better understand and consider the view of the residents.

​The eComment period is open from the time the agenda publishes until a time set by the Commission. Residents will be prompted to set up a user profile to allow them to comment and the comment will become part of the official public record.​

Resident engagement is very important to Miami Beach, and this program will complement the existing MB Residents Connect and the Residents Right to Know applications, by allowing residents the opportunity to express easily their support/opposition and comment on items on the agenda.

  • eComment Improves Meeting Participation: Due to work, school, and family commitments, residents are not always able to attend City Commission meetings. The eComment solution provides residents an opportunity to participate when they cannot be at a City Commission meeting in person. Using eComment allows any person, anywhere to leave a comment on an agenda item via the Internet.

For more information on scheduled lane closures on FDOT Construction Projects that affect traffic to/from and in Miami Beach, visit: http://www.i395-miami.com/miamibeachtrafficreport/

Miami Beach voters provided a clear mandate in the November 2018 elections that they want to invest in the future of our city. For more information about the G.O. Bond projects and to stay connected with its progress, visit  www.gomb2018.com.

During emergencies you can tune into MBRadio 1670 am or listen daily for traffic and weather updates.

Never skip a beat with MB Resident Connect! This electronic notification system will alert you of topics of interests you sign up for via e-mail when keywords or phrases are published on a public meeting agenda, sign up here.

Tune into MBTV local channel 660  streaming live on the City website or locally on Atlantic Broadband channel 660/ AT&T U-verse channel 99 to watch live meetings or catch them as they are replayed.

Explore Miami BeachDownload all of our mobile apps! Keep up with the trolley, report issues in your neighborhood, find the closest parking spot, view the City calendar and much more.

Interactive web tool that provides access to the city's budget and displays multiple views of current and historic revenue and expenses down to the fund, department and object code level. This powerful visualization software transforms volumes of raw data into actionable insight and information, enabling better analysis and understanding of the city’s budget and how taxpayer money is allocated.

Click Here to view General Fund revenue sources.

Click here to view expenses and revenues from the General Fund

Residents Right to Know is a tool designed to help you receive targeted electronic notices for for matters that impact residents’ quality of life. Sign up here to begin receiving notices pertaining to Mid-Beach, North Beach, South Beach or all three.

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