Miami Beach Plans First Ever Inspirational Visioning Workshop

(Miami Beach, FL) Jul 14, 2021 -

The first ever “Inspirational Visioning Workshop for a Resilient Miami Beach in 2070” will showcase architectural renderings by Florida International University (FIU) students who were asked to imagine a future that will be shaped by increasing storms, rising sea levels, sustainability and innovation. The virtual event will be held on July 21 from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.


“We’ve all heard dire predictions concerning sea level rise,” acknowledged Miami Beach Commissioner Mark Samuelian. “I’m encouraged that today’s architecture students at FIU are already imagining innovative solutions that will help us address the challenge of sea level rise and hurricanes in the decades to come — just as previous generations have met the challenges of their time.”


The public will be invited to discuss the renderings and bring their own ideas as to how the city may want to respond to rising sea levels. Climate researchers estimate the Atlantic will rise between 1.75 feet and 4.5 feet by 2070 — roughly the height of a 10-year-old child — over levels recorded in 2000.


Miami Beach Chief Resilience Officer Amy Knowles said she hopes residents will see small and large changes in historic neighborhoods through the FIU renderings such as alternative forms of transportation, increased shade and the use of permeable and sustainable building materials.


FIU architecture professor John Stuart said such a public dialogue will help officials better understand and preserve what is most important in the city’s historic districts as Miami Beach works toward a more equitable, vibrant and resilient future.


“We all have to put our thinking caps on and sometimes students really offer an interesting and unfiltered way of doing that,” Knowles said. “We need to be realistic about a future with more water and recognize the importance and challenges of preserving Miami Beach’s identity.”


What: Inspirational Visioning Workshop for a Resilient Miami Beach in 2070


When: Wednesday, July 21 from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.


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