Monica Beltran

Monica Beltran

Parking Director

Monica Beltran is a professional with 35 years of parking experience. She holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in Spanish and French and a Master of Public Administration degree from Florida International University. She has been recognized by the National Parking Association as a Certified Parking Professional.

Monica started her professional career at the Miami-Dade County’s Aviation Department where she first provided customer service and interpreter services for arriving international passengers at the Miami International Airport (MIA). She held various progressively responsible customer service positions in the airport’s Terminal Operations Division, including supervising the airport’s Tours and Charters section.

Monica joined MIA’s Landside Division where she was responsible for a myriad of duties ranging from public and employee parking, towing operations, curb and roadway management, ground transportation, and management of the airport’s security credentialing program. Following the attacks of 911, the airport entered heightened security. As the supervisor in charge of the airport’s credentialing program, Monica was tasked with writing the airport’s first security training program and the revalidation of the 31,000 airport employee security badges.

In 2007 Monica was promoted to Landside Division Director. Under her leadership Landside experienced high customer service ratings. She established the airport’s first valet parking program, oversaw the construction of a central parking collection plaza and the installation of a state-of-the-art parking access and revenue control system (PARCS) that included a license plate recognition system that served to improve airport safety while protecting parking revenues. Monica worked with the teams that designed and constructed a new completely redesigned airport roadway system and the construction of the multimodal center. This required effective maintenance of traffic plans to promote minimal roadway delays and ensure safety during a massive construction period. In addition to her regular duties, Monica also served as MIA’s American with Disabilities Act coordinator. In this role she addressed disability issues, including building and curb accessibility, and was the liaison for MIA’s ADA Access Committee.

In December of 2014 Monica retired from the County and was fortunate to join the City of Miami Beach as Parking Assistant Director. In her position Monica was responsible for daily parking operations and programs including the freight loading zone program, event parking logistics, meter operations, on and off-street parking and a multitude of projects such as the installation of a new parking access and revenue control system.

Since October of 2020 Monica has been serving as the Parking Department’s director. Monica is tasked with returning the department to profitability following the Pandemic’s devastating effects on parking revenues. Current projects include the installation of license plate readers and installation of surveillance cameras at garages. Challenges include, among others, improving employee productivity, reimagining the use of on-street parking spaces to meet new curb demands, expanding technology, funding renewal and replacement projects, and restoring facilities to pre-pandemic aesthetic levels, and together with the Transportation and Mobility Department, adjust parking inventory to meet mobility priorities without sacrificing parking revenues. Parking is a quality-of- life issue and its management brings challenges which Monica faces with a proactive and determined attitude.