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Mooring Field Project

Miami Beach is a popular boating destination, and local anchorage near South Beach is in high demand. A mooring field is a managed mooring system attached to the bottom of a waterway that adheres to an approved management plan. The feasibility of establishing a regulated mooring field has been explored to provide boaters with the opportunity to anchor while also protecting Biscayne Bay's seagrass and water quality. Miami Beach currently lacks a regulated mooring field, and this project would provide a new public amenity.

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Project Video

Virtual Public Meeting - February 2024

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Project Staff

Department Lead
Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)

Department Director
David Martinez, P.E.

Assistant Director
Maria Cerna

CIP Coordinator
Kelya Rodriguez

Design Consultant
Resource Environmental Solutions 

Neighborhood Affairs Director
Kevin Pulido

Neighborhood Affairs Coordinator
Gabriella Gonzalez


Total Budget: $2,329,089

Project Status

Overall Design



Last Updated

March 2024