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Civic Access

The Miami Beach Civic Access (previously CSS) portal is the next generation service site for permitting, planning, business tax receipts and code compliance. Users can submit various requests online — learn the status of your permit application, building plan or even request an inspection.

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    Search Public Records for Permits, Plans, Inspections, Code Cases, Requests, Licenses and Projects

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    Application Assistant for Permits, Plans & Business Receipts

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    Permit & Plan Fees.

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    About the Portal

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New features include multiple search types from a centralized location that performs searches across all records. It also provides the ability to search by parcel (folio) number and keywords. Additionally, the new site is mobile friendly and improves the display of information to the public.

Other Features Include:

  • Fee Estimator
  • Saving and deleting draft applications
  • Exporting search results including your payment activity to Excel
  • The ability to upload attachments at multiple stages of the application process
  • Automatic registration for instant access to services
  • Enhanced shopping cart feature allowing users to simultaneously pay multiple invoices associated to their account
  • Expanded access to record data
  • New summary page for applications under review
  • New personalized Dashboard that identifies items needing attention for easier management of items associated to your account


This guide describes how customers register to use Tyler Technologies’ Civic Access, previously known as Citizen Self Service (CSS), using the Tyler Identity (TID-C) process, Community Access.
Download the Login Access Guide

Yes, you can still use your existing CAP account to access records on the CSS portal by following a few simple steps.
Watch the video tutorial.

Yes, you can still process transactions in the CAP portal until May 31st, 2019. We strongly recommend that you migrate your CAP account to CSS as soon as possible. Watch the video tutorial.

Users can search for records such as Building Permits, Plans, Parking Space Rental Permits, Wedding and Ceremony Permits, Film and Print Permits, Tree Removal Permits, Elevator Licenses, Paint Permits, Code Compliance Citations, Citizen Request, Special Master Cases, Business Tax Receipts (BTRs), and more. Vitis CSS Portal

Yes, you may apply for a Business Tax Receipt, Certificate of Use, and Annual Fire Inspection on CSS. Please visit the Finance Department for more information.

Yes, if you are an expeditor creating an account on behalf of a Business Owner, you can add your contact during the application process to be linked automatically. If you need further assistance, please email us at mbhelp@miamibeachfl.gov. Please include your CSS email account and BTR Application Number.

If you have an invoice number you can process a quick payment at miamibeachpay.com or from your smart phone using the City of Miami Beach E-Gov App.

Yes, you may add multiple invoices to your shopping cart at any time and pay when ready.

If your account is linked to a Permit, you may request your inspection online

  • For more information on building permits, please visit the Interactive Permit Guide by clicking here
  • For more information on planning permits or plans, please visit the planning department here
  • For more information on code compliance records, please visit the code compliance department here
  • For more Information on Business Tax Receipts, please visit the Finance Department here
  • For more information on Parking Permits, please visit the Parking department here
  • For more information on Urban Forestry Permits, please visit the Urban Forestry department here
  • For more information on Elevator Licenses and Permits, please visit the Elevators Division here
  • For more information on Fire Permits or Fire Annual Inspections, please visit the Fire Prevention Division here
  • For more information on Special Master Hearings, please visit the City Clerk’s department here
  • For more information about Special Events please visit the Tourism, Cultural, and Economic Development department here

Yes, the City will host workshops open to the public on how to use CSS. Please visit, the CSS Events page, for more information.