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“Omelettes are not made without breaking eggs” – Maximilien Francois Robespierre

If your neighborhood is about to experience improvements, you are probably wondering how the construction is going to impact you, your home, your business, and your quality of life. Although our contractors do everything possible to minimize the impacts associated with construction, neighborhood improvement projects – especially those that include major infrastructure changes – bring some inconveniences. We appreciate your patience during the work.

Below, please find overviews of what you can expect by the type of construction project and additional processes that the department has:

The city strives to maintain access to businesses and residences at all times. There are occasions when it is necessary to temporarily close a driveway to perform project-related work. Whenever this is necessary, the project team makes every effort to coordinate with the property owner in advance to minimize impacts.

In the late 1990s, the City held neighborhood meetings where residents were asked to present “wish lists” for their neighborhoods’ streetscape improvements. This wish list was eventually transformed into a document named the Basis of Design Report. Concurrently, the City commissioned a Water Master Plan and a Comprehensive Stormwater Master Pan, which further identified infrastructure needs within neighborhoods. Streetscape plans were incorporated with plans for added potable water lines and improved stormwater drainage. Over the years, additional needs have been identified and some plans have “gone back to the drawing board” so that the needs of each neighborhood are met.

Specific funding allocations were originally identified in the General Obligation Bond series, the Water and Sewer Revenue Bond and the Stormwater Revenue Bond series. Because the program has addressed more needs than originally contemplated, additional funding sources are identified as we approach each fiscal year.

The General O Bond issuance is being paid from property taxes.

The Water and Sewer Revenue Bond is paid from a portion of the water and sewer rates charged to each property owner and business.

The Stormwater Revenue Bond is reimbursed via a monthly stormwater utility rate which is billed to each property owner and business.

The City of Miami Beach receives potable water from the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department. They have consistently provided very high-quality water to the City. Monthly testing shows that the water in the City of Miami Beach is dependable and safe to drink. New lines may improve the color of the water, but that depends on the private plumbing pipes that bring the water to your tap. In most cases, when we upgrade water lines water pressure will improve because capacity is increased.

If you suspect that a drain is clogged with debris or witness illegal dumping, please call the Public Works response line at 305.673.7625. If you notice illegal dumping into the drain that results in a clog, please contact code compliance at 305.673.7555.

City contractors are responsible to repair or restore any private property that is damaged in the course of construction. If you can locate a representative of the company, ask to speak with the superintendent. Inform them of your claim and they will provide you with information on how to contact their insurance provider. If you are unsuccessful at locating the proper member of the contracting team, contact the Capital Improvement Projects Office at 305.673.7071 to determine if this work is managed by CIP. If it is, you will be directed to the project manager or Public Information Specialist who can put you in touch with the proper contractor representative. If the project is managed by Public Works or another department, you will be directed to the project manager or to the Public Information Officer as well. If this is private construction, the City cannot act as a mediator. It is important that you make contact with the right contractor representative so that your claim can be handled through the proper channels.