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Historic Preservation Board

Powers and Duties

The Historic Preservation Board shall:

(1) Recommend to the planning board, and city commission, the designation of historic buildings, structures, improvements, landscape features, public interiors, and historic sites or districts.

(2) Prepare and recommend for adoption specific guidelines for each designated site or district to be used to evaluate the appropriateness and compatibility of proposed alteration or development within designated historic sites or historic districts.

(3) Issue or deny certificates of appropriateness, certificates to dig and certificates of appropriateness for demolition in accordance with procedures specified in this division, excluding certificates of appropriateness for demolition for city-owned buildings and other improvements as hereinafter specified on city-owned property and public rights-of-way, and property owned by the Miami Beach Redevelopment Agency, for which properties the historic preservation board shall serve as advisor to the city commission. This authority shall include review and approval of design and location within public rights-of-way inside of locally designated historic districts of all wireless communications facilities as defined in chapter 104, "telecommunication," article I, "communications rights-of-way" under the standards provided therein, at subsection [118-]104(6)(t).

(4) Recommend restoration of property to its prior condition as required by section 118-533 when the property has been altered in violation of this division.

(5) To authorize, upon application, such variance from the terms of these land development regulations, where authorized by section 118-351(a), pursuant to the requirements in chapter 118, article VIII, of the land development regulations, as will not be contrary to the public interest when, owning to special conditions, a literal enforcement of a provision of these land development regulations would result in an unnecessary and undue hardship.

(6) Facilitate the redevelopment of historic sites and districts by directing the planning department, and other city departments, to provide advisory and technical assistance to property owners, applicants for certificates of appropriateness.

(7) Make and prescribe by-laws and application procedures that are reasonably necessary and appropriate for the proper administration and enforcement of the provisions of this division. The board shall prescribe forms for use by applicants when requesting action under this division. The board may authorize any one of its members to administer oaths and to certify official documents.

(8) Award historic markers or plaques upon the recommendation of the city manager and with the consent of the city commission.

(9) Update and revise the historic properties database.

(10) Advocate that the city administration explore and advise the historic preservation board and the building official as to alternatives available for stabilizing and preserving inadequately maintained and/or unsafe buildings or structures within the city's designated historic districts or on designated historic sites.

(11) Review all new construction, alterations, modifications and improvements to any building, structure, improvement, landscape feature, public interior or site individually designated in accordance with sections 118-591, 118-592 and 118-593, or located within an historic district.

(12) To review any and all amendments to this Code affecting historic preservation issues; specifically division 4 of article II of chapter 118 entitled "historic preservation board," and article X of chapter 118 entitled "historic preservation," pursuant to section 118-163.

(13) The historic preservation board shall serve as the city's floodplain management board for applications concerning properties within its jurisdiction, and shall have the authority to exercise all powers and perform all duties assigned to such board pursuant to section 54-31, et seq., Resolution No. 93-20698, and in accordance with the procedures set forth therein as such ordinance and resolution may be amended from time to time. For the purposes of determining jurisdiction, the criteria in section 118-351(a), for a variance shall be utilized.


The Historic Preservation Board shall be composed of seven members. There shall be a member from each of the following categories:

1. A representative from the Miami Design Preservation League (MDPL) selected from three names nominated by such organization.
2. A representative from Dade Heritage Trust (DHT) selected from three names nominated by such organization.
3. Two at-large members who have resided in one of the City's historic districts for at least one year, and have demonstrated interest and knowledge in architectural or urban design and the preservation of historic buildings;
4. An architect registered in the State of Florida with practical experience in the rehabilitation of historic structures.
5. (i) A licensed professional engineer, licensed professional architect, or licensed professional landscape architect with expertise in water resources; (ii) a person licensed by the State of Florida in hydrology, water or wastewater treatment; (iii) a person with a degree from an accredited college or university in a field of study related to water resources; or (iv) a floodplain manager or a principal community administrator responsible for the daily implementation of flood loss reduction activities including enforcing a community's flood damage prevention ordinance, updating flood maps, plans, and policies of the community, and any of the activities related to administration of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) (a "water management expert"), each of the foregoing with professional experience and demonstrated interest in historic preservation.
6. A member of the faculty of a school of architecture in the State of Florida, with academic expertise in the field of design and historic preservation or the history of architecture, with a preference for an individual with practical experience in architecture and the preservation of historic structures.

All members of the Board except the architect, university faculty member, and water management expert shall be residents of the City; provided, however, that the City Commission may waive the residency requirement (if applicable) by a 5/7th vote, in the event a person not meeting the residency requirement is available to serve on the Board and is exceptionally qualified by training and/or experience in historic preservation matters. All appointments shall be made on the basis of civic pride, integrity, experience and interest in the field of historic preservation. City Liaison: Deborah Tackett

Board Members

Position Name Contact
Chair John Stuart john.a.stuart@gmail.com
Vice Chair Linsey Lovell Linseylovell.hpb@gmail.com (954)881 - 6469
Board Member Ray Breslin bresaro@aol.com
Board Member Brian Ehrlich brian.cityofmiamibeach@gmail.com (305)733 - 8870
Board Member Laura Weinstein lwb.mbhp@gmail.com (305)204 - 0987
Board Member Elizabeth G. Camargo ElizC@ecamargodesign.com (305)534 - 1183
Board Member Haskel Mayer haskelhpb01@gmail.com

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