Appeal  Violations

Any person aggrieved by the decision of a Code Compliance officer in issuing a violation, may request an administrative hearing before the Special Master by submitting a written request in the City Clerk’s Office located at 1700 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139.

Please check the violation for specific information on how many days you have after receipt of a violation to submit a timely request for an appeal, as the days for an appeal may vary from violation to violation. The amount of $106 must accompany the written request to appeal. Check, credit card, or cash are acceptable methods of payment. Should the appellant be successful at the hearing, the $106 will be returned.

The City Clerk will notify the appellant of the date and time of the hearing. If you have any questions regarding appealing a code violation, contact Special Master at 305.673.7181. For the Special Master Agenda, click here.