Code Compliance – More Info

The Code Compliance Department is dedicated to protecting the public health, safety, and welfare; improving the quality of life for our City’s residents, business owners and visitors through education and the consistent and equitable application of the City’s Code of Laws and Ordinances.

The Code Compliance Department is responsible for maintaining the community’s quality of life by seeking compliance with certain provisions contained in the City of Miami Beach Code of Law and Ordinances. Our department routinely works with all residents, business owners and visitors of the City and responds to requests for service . Code Compliance Officers ensure all requests are tracked and investigated individually in addition to ensuring the violations are corrected promptly. Please review Types of Violations in Top Links to learn more about some common codes we enforce.

The Department functions on an almost 24 hour basis with Code Compliance Officers on duty and available to respond to citizens concerns seven days a week. For more information regarding our hours of operation, please click this link – Hours of Operation