Official City of Miami Beach Logo

To receive the official Miami Beach logo, please fill out the request form. You must read and agree to follow the guidelines outlined below before submitting your request.

Basic Rules

Logo Colors: These are the only logo colors acceptable.

  • Blue: Pantone 2747 U
  • Lime Green: Pantone 382 U
  • Black and White

Typeface: Futura Font Family
This typeface shall not be replaced by another.

When Reproducing the Logo:
NEVER download a JPEG, GIF or any other form of low resolution logo from the internet or reproduce the logo from a laser print, facsimile, or color print. ALWAYS use approved electronic artwork when printing or reprinting the logo or logo components.

General Logo Rule:
When using the logotype, one must use the electronic artwork to avoid misrepresentation. The logotype also has custom spacing between each letter that will be difficult for someone to recreate. The logo can only be used in conjunction with official municipal business or as required in a grant award.

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