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Miami Beach is located in a storm surge evacuation zone. In the event of a major storm, based on calculations of possible storm surge, Miami Beach may be under mandatory evacuation for the safety of all occupants. Storm surge is the abnormal rise in seawater level during a storm, caused primarily by a storm’s winds pushing water onshore. Prepare for tropical cyclones as early as possible. Once a storm’s path is forecasted to near South Florida, begin to monitor the storm and prepare for an evacuation. All of Miami Beach is an evacuation zone. It is advised that you begin evacuation procedures before an evacuation order is given. This will allow you more time to calmly get off of the island to a home of a friend or relative that is not in an evacuation zone.

  • Hurricane Evacuation Centers

  • Bus Pick-up Points

  • Know Your Zone

  • Hurricane Preparation Guide

Please remember to take your emergency suitcase of essential supplies. Red Cross shelters will not open until an evacuation order is given and spaces are limited. Families with pets must register prior to an evacuation warning at one of Miami-Dade County’s animal-friendly shelters. Once a storm approaches, emergency services are limited and emergency personnel cannot react if an emergency occurs until after the storm.

  • Take down and bring in any signs, tables, garbage cans, plants, furniture, umbrellas, and other loose and/or unsecured structures from outdoors, including all balconies.
  • Board up windows and glass doors. (Do NOT tape windows and do not leave any windows or doors ajar).
  • If you live in an apartment or condo, securing your windows and doors will minimize damage to your unit; however, unsecured windows and doors of neighboring units can cause damage to your unit too. Please keep this in mind when preparing your home before evacuating.
  • Fill prescriptions.
  • Fill propane gas and car gas tank.
  • Secure boats and relocate according to predetermined boat plan.
  • Unplug TV/computer and bring antenna and satellite dish inside.
  • Add extra chlorine to your pool.
  • Turn off electricity to pool equipment and cover pump.
  • Move furniture and electronics away from windows and cover with plastic.
  • Pull curtains, blinds and shutters.
  • Turn off gas appliances at shut-off valve inside the house as well as water and electricity.
  • Secure pets in temporary shelter.
  • Turn your refrigerator to its coldest setting.
  • Place valuables in waterproof containers and store in high place.

Keep an emergency suitcase ready at all times in the event of an evacuation or for any natural disaster that you can take with you to a shelter. Keep important documents sealed in an airtight bag. Shelters do not provide food. Be sure to take your own supply of non-perishable food. Remember to also keep emergency food/water and other supplies at your home; you will need them when you return.

  • Waterproof bag or box for all important documents
  • Proof of residency/business
  • Drivers license
  • Insurance policy
  • Utility bill
  • Birth/marriage certificates
  • Bank accounts
  • Mortgages
  • Copies of prescriptions
  • Phone numbers of family, ifriends, physician, pharmacy, iiicaregiver and business contacts
  • Property photos
  • Blankets and pillows
  • Essential personal items such as prescription drugs, toiletries, dentures, hearing aids, eye glasses
  • Change of clothing
  • Battery-powered radio/TV
  • Extra batteries
  • Cooler with ice/water supplies
  • Non-perishable food
  • Toys/books/activities for kids

Participating municipal parking garages will be made available for residents to safeguard their vehicle during hurricanes and tropical storm events that impact Miami Beach.

Residents may access participating municipal parking garages to safeguard their vehicle upon the issuance of one of the following notifications:

  • Tropical Storm Warning or Hurricane Warning by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration/National Weather Service;
  • An evacuation order issued for Miami Beach by the Miami-Dade County Office of Emergency Management.

The severity and impact of each weather event varies on a cases by case basis. Therefore, it is difficult to predict the duration of this service for each weather event. However, as a general rule, the program will be in effect from the issuance of one of the aforementioned notifications until the city returns to normal operations, as determined by the city manager, or his designee.

For more information, call the Parking Department at 305.673.7505.

There are no hurricane shelters in Miami Beach or the coastal communities. The American Red Cross, in coordination with other agencies, operates shelters for evacuees at mainland schools and other facilities as deemed necessary during an evacuation. The locations are not pre-determined.

A list of shelters will be made available through the Miami-Dade County Emergency Operations Center as soon as they become available. The shelters are not intended to be temporary housing. After a disaster, assessments will be made with local emergency managers as to continued and other shelter needs.

Call 311 for a list once an evacuation is ordered.

The City of Miami Beach will begin evacuation procedures as soon as there is an evacuation order from the state and county. If you have not made prior arrangements to stay somewhere off of the island, the City urges residents to go to a Red Cross hurricane shelter.

Miami-Dade Transit buses will provide free transportation to mainland shelters from 21 locations in Miami Beach. Buses that will transport people for hurricane evacuations will have a special notice on the front of the bus where the route information is displayed.

Remember that pets are not allowed to go to general population shelters and therefore will not be allowed on the bus. Buses run continuous routes until tropical-storm-force winds arrive. These are NOT HURRICANE SHELTERS, only Miami-Dade Transit bus pick-up locations to shelters.

Click here for evacuation bus pick-up points.

If you find yourself out of time to evacuate, please follow the shelter in place precautions.

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