Other Incentives

State of Florida Incentives:

Florida Entertainment Sales Tax Exemption: Any qualified production company producing motion pictures, made for television motion pictures, television series, commercial advertising, music videos or sound recordings in Florida, may be eligible for a sales and use tax exemption on certain production related purchases in Florida.

Miami Beach Incentives:

  • One (1) free Vehicle Beach Access Pass with each permitted day only after an off-duty officer has been reserved.
  • During the months of June through September, vehicle beach access passes (above and beyond the one free each day) shall be reduced by 50% to $75.00 (per vehicle/per day).
  • Miami Beach Hotel Room Night Incentive: Productions which demonstrate no less than:
    • 50 Miami Beach hotel room nights receive 5 Vehicle Beach Access Passes for free.
    • 100 Miami Beach hotel room nights receive 10 free passes
    • 200 Miami Beach hotel room nights receive 20 free passes

Any additional passes are $75 each. Any production or picture vehicle that enters the beach must have a pass a police escort. Cost for off-duty police is not waived. To receive this incentive productions must make a formal request on their company’s letterhead and submit a room manifest (names can be redacted) as proof of purchase.

  • Reduced cost parking at limited City lots and garages at $10/space
  • Waiver of all administrative fees related to the hiring of police off-duty officers for permitted Film and Print productions.
  • Waiver of all generator, tent and building permits for production purpose use only per South Florida Building Code.

Miami-Dade County TV, Film and Entertainment Production Incentive Program:

The TV, Film and Entertainment Production Incentive is a performance-based grant program that is based on Miami-Dade County-centric criteria. Each project’s eligibility will be determined on a case-by-case basis and each project/grant agreement will be required to go before the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) for individual approval.

  • The production project must spend a minimum of $1,000,000 in Miami-Dade County on qualifying payroll and qualifying expenses.
  • For the $1,000,000 or more spend in the County, the production receives a grant amount of $100,000.
  • Required to hire a minimum of 50 main cast and crew (employees) that are Miami-Dade County residents**.
  • Must hire at least (1) one student/recent graduate who attends a College/University that resides within the County or has graduated within a year.
  • Each project is required to utilize at least 80 percent of vendors that are registered in Miami-Dade County to do business.
  • Each project is required to produce 70 percent of the entire production project be produced/filmed in Miami-Dade County.  .
  •  Application must be submitted prior to the start of the project.
  • Each final project will need to include Miami-Dade County as a sense of place.
  • Additional Requirements and rules apply

For more information visit:  www.FilMiami.org


Below are useful links to resources to help your production. Remember if you can’t find it here you can email us directly at film@miamibeachfl.gov with any questions:
Miami Production Guide – Directory of production resources for the South Florida and the entire State of Florida.
The Governor’s Office of Film & Entertainment -Locations State Wide, Up-Front Tax exemption information.
Miami-Dade Office of Film & Entertainment – Information and leads sheets and other production industry information for Miami-Dade County. You can also apply for a permit at One Stop Permits for Miami Dade County and Miami Beach Locations (Miami Beach also has their free permitting site found under Apply for a Permit on this site.)
City of Miami, Office of Film & Entertainment – To apply for permits in the City of Miami.
Film Florida – A marketing and informational trade association representing the entire State of Florida.
Greater Miami Conventions & Visitor’s Bureau