Ethics Procedure

The City of Miami Beach promotes and maintains a high ethical standard and reputation. Impropriety, or the appearance of impropriety, compromises the City’s reputation. In order to protect this delicate reputation, any City department that is charged with enforcing code, whether it be County Code, City Code, Fire Code, or Building Code (also referred to as a regulatory department) is strictly prohibited from receiving any/all gifts (see the definition below) from individuals/businesses/organizations that have or can potentially have a business relationship with the City of Miami Beach. The City has imposed a zero tolerance policy for any department that serves any function that is regulatory in nature. Currently, these departments include the departments or divisions of Building, Public Works/Engineering, Fire Prevention, Planning and Zoning, Parking Enforcement, and Code Compliance.

Gift Defined

“Gift” means that which is accepted by an employee or by another on the employee’s behalf, or that which is paid or given to another for or on behalf of an employee, directly, indirectly, or in trust for his/her benefit, or by any other means. The following are examples of a gift:

  • Real property
  • Conveyance or use of real property
  • Money
  • A preferential rate or terms on a debt, loan, goods or services
  • Forgiveness of indebtedness
  • Food or beverage
  • Membership dues
  • Entrance fees, admission fees, or tickets to events, performances, or facilities
  • Plants, flowers, floral arrangements, gift baskets or home baked/homemade items (perishable or non-perishable)
  • Other personal services for which a fee is normally charged by the person providing the services
  • Any other similar service or thing having an attributable value not already provided for in this rule