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Expedited Plan, Review, Permitting Incentive Program

1. Program Overview & Purpose

The City of Miami Beach is committed to diversifying the local economy by attracting and retaining targeted industries including financial services and technology. As part of this effort, the City is offering an Expedited Plan Review and Permitting Program to incentivize companies in these industries to encourage targeted relocations or expansions and associated development. Expedited plan review and permitting helps to increase the supply of office inventory by expediting the approval process for Building Permits applicable to office developments and renovations.

2. Eligibility Requirements

a. Companies within the following industries are eligible to apply for the Program*: Financial ServicesTechnology, and Corporate headquarters (including regional headquarters) for any industry.

*Industry eligibility will be determined by the City of Miami Beach in its sole discretion through the Economic Development Department.

b. Project Type: Renovations and new construction projects for businesses including office and related ancillary space.

c. Incentive application must be submitted by the company (“Applicant” or “Participant”) which will benefit from the incentive and will lease, purchase and/or occupy the office space. Although the property owner, landlord and/or developer may apply for the building permit, the incentive will be awarded through the Applicant.

d. Applicant must have current or future site control as demonstrated through property title, executed lease agreement or signed Letter of Intent (LOI).

e. Pre-submittal meeting required prior to plan submittal and permit application. Pre-submittal meeting to include members of the development team (architect, engineer, and/or contractor, etc.).

f. Media Announcement: Applicant must (a) mention the City of Miami Beach by name within its initial press release announcing the new office location, (b) at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance, provide the exact date and time of when the press release will be published, and (c) at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance, provide a copy of the press release. The City’s Marketing and Communications Department will also issue a press release and encourage media coverage. Applicant must provide a quote for the City’s press release from business owner, or executive (CEO, COO, CIO, etc.). Once the City and Company determine the appropriate timing, joint and/or independent announcements including a press release will be issued.

2. Application Process & Guidelines

a. Company owner or authorized representative submits completed application form and property title, executed lease or LOI to City of Miami Beach Economic Development Department (mbbiz@miamibeachfl.gov).

b. Economic Development Department reviews application and informs Applicant of eligibility status. Eligibility status is based on Industry category and Building Permit process only. Eligibility does not apply to Land Use Board approval requirements including Planning Board, Design Review Board, Historic Preservation Board and Board of Adjustment.

c. If Applicant is eligible, Economic Development Department coordinates pre-submittal meeting with Planning & Zoning and Building Departments and the Applicant.

d. If Applicant is eligible, the City of Miami Beach will draft and issue a media announcement as described above.

e. After pre-submittal meeting, Applicant (or property owner/landlord/authorized representative) submits plan(s)/building permit application(s) ONLINE for review (see helpful links below). Plans/permit applications submitted separately (at a later time) or requiring sequential approval will be reviewed and evaluated by the City in the order in which it is submitted.

f. City of Miami Beach Planning & Zoning and Building Departments provide an expedited review of plans and issue permits in accordance with City of Miami Beach Code and Florida Building Code. Permits will not be issued automatically. Plan review and permitting costs will not be waived or discounted.

g. If a plan/application revision or secondary submittal is required, the review process will begin again (see III F).

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