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City of Miami Beach
1700 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
Phone: 305.673.7000

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Miami Beach offers unparalleled investments in quality-of-life infrastructure prioritizing the sustainability and resiliency projects necessary to meet the service demands of residents and visitors.

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The General Obligation Bond Program is revitalizing public spaces, public structures and public security through 57 separate improvement projects that will positively impact quality of life, economic health and overall resilience in Miami Beach.

City Agencies

Miami Beach consistently manages projects in the planning, design and/or construction phases through the coordinated efforts of various departments including ...

The Office of Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)

Consolidates the city’s capital construction effort into a single entity that serves as a focal point for planning and construction program management activities coordinating with the Public Works Department on infrastructure design and installation.

The Public Works
Department (PWD)

Maintains the city’s infrastructure by ensuring the technologically advanced design, maintenance, functionality, delivery, and cleanliness of the City’s water services and resources, roadways and greenways.

The Environment & Sustainability Department

Liaison between the city and other government agencies for environmental concerns and regulations ensuring all public projects strategically avoid, minimize, and mitigate environmental impacts while enhancing the natural environment and resilience.


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