Mission Statement

Consistent with its Mission Statement and under the supervision and direction of the City Attorney, the Office of the City Attorney prepares or reviews all ordinances, resolutions, contracts, bonds, and other written instruments in which the municipality is concerned, and endorses on each approval of the form, language, and execution thereof. The Office of City Attorney also prosecutes or defends, for and in behalf of the City, all complaints, suits and controversies in which the City is a party, before any court or other legally constituted tribunal.



  • Rafael A. Paz

    Rafael A. PazChief Deputy City Attorney

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  • Aleksandr Boksner

    Aleksandr BoksnerDeputy City Attorney

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  • Steven H. Rothstein

    Steven H. RothsteinDeputy City Attorney

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  • Robert F. Rosenwald, Jr.

    Robert F. Rosenwald, Jr.Deputy City Attorney

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  • Gisela N. Torres

    Gisela N. TorresSenior Assistant City Attorney

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  • Mark A. Fishman

    Mark A. FishmanFirst Assistant City Attorney

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  • Nicholas Kallergis

    Nicholas KallergisFirst Assistant City Attorney

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  • Jason D. Jacobson

    Jason D. JacobsonSenior Assistant City Attorney

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  • Yoe Lopez Jr.

    Yoe Lopez Jr.Assistant City Attorney I

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  • Farosha Andasheva

    Farosha AndashevaAssistant City Attorney I

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