Most Commonly Used Election Forms

Transportation Master Plan Final Report

State of Florida Information and Forms 
The Florida Election Code (Revised July 2017)
Candidate and Campaign Treasurer’s Handbook (Revised April 2018)
Political Committee Handbook (Rev. 2016)
Electioneering Communications Organization Handbook (Rev. 2016)
Candidate Petition Handbook (Rev. 2016)
Florida Commission on Ethics Guide to the Sunshine Amendment and Code of Ethics for Public Offices and Employees (Rev. 2018)
DS-DE 2 (Contributions Returned)
DS-DE 5 (Statement of Organization for Political Committee)
DS-DE 6 (Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign Depository for Political Committees)
DS-DE 9 (State of Florida Appointment of Campaign Treasurer and Designation of Campaign Depository for Candidates)
DS-DE 25 (Candidate Oath – Nonpartisan Office (MB Version))
DS-DE 41 (Registered Agent Statement of Appointment)
DS-DE 73 (Campaign Loans Reports)
DS-DE 73A (Campaign Loans Report Itemized)
DS-DE 84 (Statement of Candidate)
DS-DE 86 (Request for Return of Contribution)
DS-DE 87 (Waiver of Report)
DS-DE 103 (Electioneering Communication Statement of Organization)
DS-DE 125 (Poll Watcher Designation)
Form 1 (Statement of Financial Interests – 2016 Tax Year)
Form 9 (Quarterly Gift Disclosure)
Affidavit of Financial Hardship
Miami-Dade County Information and Forms
MD-ED 26 (Vote by Mail Ballot Campaign Report)
MD-ED 28 (Reporting of Solicitation of Contributions for PACs, ECOs and 501(c)(4) Organizations and Political Parties)
Voluntary Statement of Fair Campaign Practices
 Voluntary Acceptance of Ethical Campaign Practices Ordinance for Candidates Not Automatically Covered by mandatory provisions
 Miami Beach Information and Forms 
 City of Miami Beach Oath/Affirmation
 Initiative Petition for Charter Amendment
 Initiative/Referendum Petition for City Code Amendment
 Petition in Lieu of Qualifying Fee
 Oath of Withdrawal