Investment Policy


Investment of the assets of any local retirement system or plan must be consistent with a written investment policy adopted by the board. Such policies shall be structured to maximize the financial return to the retirement system or plan consistent with the risks incumbent in each investment and shall be structured to establish and maintain an appropriate diversification of the retirement system or plan’s assets.

The Miami Beach Employees’ Retirement Plan’s Investment Objectives and Policy Statement is a document which establishes and outlines the responsibilities of the various parties that are associated with the management of the Retirement System. In addition, this document states various control procedures to ensure that the System is appropriately managed. Reports from investment managers, the custodian, consultant and others must verify that the System is operating within the framework of the System’s guidelines.

The goals of the Board are to fund the Plan’s benefit payments, while assuming a risk posture that is consistent with the Board’s risk tolerance, protect against loss of purchasing power by achieving rates of return above inflation, and obtain (or retain) a fully funded pension status.

As required by Florida Statute 112.661, the Board shall specify the Plan’s total expected annual rate of return for the current year, for each of the next several years and for the long term. The Board’s expected returns for each of these time periods is the actuarial interest rate, as specified in the actuary’s most current actuarial valuation. The current actuarial interest rate is 7.60%.

To view the current Fund’s Investment Guidelines please see links below:

Investment Guidelines