Greenspace Management

The Greenspace Management Division of the Public Works Department’s primary directive is to promote the health, vitality, sustainability, and resiliency of the vegetation in all of the City of Miami Beach’s rights-of-way, specifically; the gateways to the City, City green spaces that are not dedicated parks, municipal buildings, parking facilities, coastal areas, and the Lincoln Road Mall. To accomplish this, Greenspace Management utilizes a small, highly skilled team of versatile landscape maintenance and administrative professionals who blend the art of environmental design with the science of horticulture and the latest advancements in plant installation and care.

Greenspace Management is committed to the proliferation of the City’s urban tree canopy and the protection of our natural environment through the use of Florida Friendly Landscaping Principles and Integrated Pest Management Protocol as guiding principles when introducing plant species into our communities, conserving water, and combating undesirable plants and pests.  The Division consists of three sections, In-house Landscape & Tree Maintenance, Contracted Landscape Maintenance, and Right-of-Way Enhancement.

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