Greenspace Management

The Greenspace Management Division is responsible for the health and vitality of the landscape in all City designated properties including; the gateways to the City, City rights-of-way, green spaces, municipal buildings, parking facilities, coastal areas, and the Lincoln Road Mall.

The Division consists of two distinct sections:

Contracted Landscape Maintenance Administration: is responsible for the supervision of all contracted landscape maintenance activities in all of the City’s rights-of-ways, Parking Facilities, Coastal Areas, and Lincoln Road Mall. The Landscape Maintenance Contract Administration team inspects the work of landscape contractors to ensure that the City receives the highest level of service as outlined in the service agreements.

Operations: Is responsible for maintaining key sites in the City, and responding to emergency landscape issues that require swift action from a team of professionals that know the City “inside and out.” The Tree Maintenance Team handles requests pertaining to the pruning of hazardous trees and palms on City owned or controlled property. The Special Projects Team participates with the installation and management of small scale landscape projects Citywide.