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Ad Hoc Advisory Charter Review and Revision Board (2023)

Final Report & Recommendations
Resolution 2022-32234
Resolution 2022-32448
Miami Beach Charter and Related Special Acts
Resolution 2022-32254
Miami Beach City Code Sec._8.01
Resolution 2023-32606 Extending Term of Board Until June 30, 2024

Pursuant to Section 8.01 of the Miami Beach Charter, a review of the Charter shall occur every ten years. The Ad Hoc Advisory Charter Review and Revision Board (Charter Review Committee) has been formed to review the City Charter, seek public input thereon, and eventually present its recommendations to the Miami Beach City Commission.

The Charter Review Committee has been convened by the City Commission to comprehensively review the City’s current charter and to recommend changes to ensure that Miami Beach’s government meets the needs of our residents and is responsive to the challenges of today and beyond. The Charter Review Committee is composed of 7 members who reflect the diversity of the City of Miami Beach.

The Committee will review the current Charter, hold community forums, and gather input from stakeholders and residents. The Charter Review Committee will recommend changes they believe will improve and modernize Miami Beach’s structure and governance to the City Commission. Any recommendations the City Commission accepts will be put before voters in an election before adoption. The Committee began meeting in February 2023 and is expected to take up to one year to complete its work.

The Committee will meet approximately twice a month. All the meetings are open to the public. There will be numerous avenues and opportunities for public comment during the course of the Charter Review Committee's work. These avenues will include but are not limited to online submissions, public comment after Committee meetings, and community forum events. If you have any questions about the Committee, their work, or their process, please feel free to contact the Committee directly at: CharterReview@miamibeachfl.gov

The Charter Review Committee invites you to share your proposed suggestions as to how the Miami Beach City Charter may need to be revised at an upcoming Charter Review Committee meeting. If you would like to sign up to address the Charter Review Committee, please email your request and the topic of discussion to CharterReview@miamibeachfl.gov. Please note that all emails sent to this inbox will be part of the public record and shared with all committee members.

The Charter Review Board met on: February 6, 2023; March 28, 2023; April 10, 2023; April 25, 2023; June 13, 2023; June 27, 2023; August 1, 2023; August 29, 2023; September 11, 2023; November 14, 2023; December 5, 2023; January 9, 2024; January 29, 2024; February 12, 2024; March 4, 2024; March 25, 2024; and April 16, 2024. Latest Charter Review Meeting Notice Latest Charter Review Meeting Notice Latest Charter Review Board Meeting Notice

Please note that the October 10 meeting was canceled.

To view the Meeting Agendas and Minutes please click HERE.

How a person may participate during the Ad Hoc Advisory Charter Review and Revision Board click HERE.
Cómo una persona puede participar en las reuniones de la Junta de Revisión de la Carta Constitucional de la Ciudad de Miami Beach haga click AQUÍ.

 Name  Appointed by
Jorge M. Gonzalez (Chair) Commissioner Alex Fernandez
Ronald Starkman (Vice-Chair) Commissioner Tanya Bhatt
Elizabeth Latone Commissioner Laura Dominguez
Vacant Commissioner David Suarez
Julie Basner Commissioner Joseph Magazine
Michael Band Commissioner Kristen Rosen Gonzalez
Samuel Rabin Mayor Steven Meiner

Resolution 2012-28072
Resolution 2013-28446
Miami Beach Charter and Related Special Acts
Miami Beach City Code Sec._8.01

Every ten years, the City of Miami Beach is required to review the City Charter. Pursuant to this mandate, The City Commission has created the Ad Hoc Charter Review & Revision Board.

The public is encouraged to participate in this process.

Submit your questions by email to CharterReview@miamibeachfl.gov.

The Charter Review Board met on the following dates: April 25, 2013; May 6, 2013; June 3, 2013; June 10, 2013; June 24, 2013; July 1, 2013; July 15, 2013; August 5, 2013; August 19, 2013; September 9, 2013; October 2, 2013; October 21, 2013; November 20, 2013; December 4, 2013; February 3, 2014; February 21, 2014; March 10, 2014; March 17, 2014, March 24, 2014; and April 10, 2014.

Charter Review Recommendations

Charter Review Revision Board Meetings and After-Actions 2014

Charter Review Revision Board Meetings and After-Action 2013

 Name  Appointed by
Stephen Zack, Chair Mayor Philip Levine
Sherry Kaplan Roberts Commissioner Michael Grieco
Jonathan Beloff Commissioner Joy Malakoff
Rick Kendle Commissioner Ed Tobin
Richard Alhadeff Commissioner Micky Steinberg
Sarah L. Johnston Commissioner Deede Weithorn
Vacant Commissioner Jonah Wolfson

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