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Lobbyist means all persons employed or retained, whether paid or not, by a principal who seeks to encourage the passage, defeat or modification of any ordinance, resolution, action or decision of any commissioner; any action, decision, recommendation of the City Manager or any City board or committee; or any action, decision or recommendation of any City personnel during the time period of the entire decision-making process on such action, decision or recommendation that foreseeably will be heard or reviewed by the City Commission, or a City board or committee. The term specifically includes the principal as well as any employee engaged in lobbying activities. The term "Lobbyists" has specific exclusions. Please refer to City Code Chapter 2, Article VII, Division 3, entitled "Lobbyists," for additional information.

Contact Information

Email: lobbyists@miamibeachfl.gov

Phone: (305) 673-7411

Frequently Used Forms

Lobbyist Registration Form Revised March 11, 2020

NOTICE: Incomplete lobbyist registrations will not be accepted. Any incomplete registrations submitted will be returned to the business address listed on the form.

Lobbyist Fee Expenditure and Compensation Statement ("Statement") Revised January 4, 2016

On February 28 of each year, each lobbyist shall submit to the Office of the City Clerk a signed Statement under oath, listing lobbying expenditures, as well as compensation received, for the preceding calendar year with regard to the specific issue on which the lobbyist has been engaged to lobby. A Statement shall be filed even if there has been no expenditure or compensation during the reporting period. The term "lobbyist" specifically excludes the following persons: Expert witnesses who provide only scientific, technical or other specialized information or testimony in public meetings; any person who only appears as a representative of a neighborhood association without compensation or reimbursement for the appearance, whether direct, indirect or contingent, to express support of or opposition to any item; and any person who only appears as a representative of not-for-profit community-based organization for the purpose of requesting a grant without special compensation or reimbursement for the appearance.

Annual Registration Fee Form

Neighborhood - Homeowner Association Representative Registration Form

Change to Lobbyist Registration Form 2024

Sections Of The City Code Applicable To Lobbyists

City Code Chapter 2, Article VII, Division 3, entitled "Lobbyists"

Ordinance 2016-4024

Ordinance 2017-4110

Ordinance 2017-4111

Ordinance 2018-4206

Note: Pursuant to City Code Section 2-482(a)(4), a lobbyist who has within the past election cycle provided campaign consulting services to an incumbent member of the City Commission shall disclose such particular service on his/her lobbyist registration form and shall orally disclose such particular service before lobbying the City Commission at a public meeting.

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