Environmental Resources

Miami Beach is a coastal community rich in natural resources including waterways, sand dunes, mangroves, 26 parks and green spaces, an urban forest, and just over 7 miles of white, sandy beaches. Our environment is our ‘natural capital’ and is the foundation of our strong economic development and high quality of life. It is what attracts residents and business to the area, not to mention the 6 million tourists who visit the City each year. Additionally, it provides substantial ecological value. For example, our beaches are natural nesting habitat for endangered sea turtles and are home to endangered plant species including the Biscayne prickly ash, beach cluster vine and beach star.

The Environmental Division, comprised of an Environmental Manager, an Environmental Specialist and two Environmental Inspectors, is tasked with protecting our natural resources through management and regulatory compliance. To that end, the Division develops, implements, and oversees programs citywide that improve the health of our natural habitats (beaches, dunes, mangroves and waterways). Environmental staff also serves as a resource for internal and external customers that have questions regarding the health of our natural resources, need assistance with permitting for projects, or want to report an environmental violation.

We are striving to make the City of Miami Beach a leader in urban environmental management, and working to conserve the resources we currently have such that present and future generations may enjoy the beauty of our city.