City Code For Tree Preservation

The City’s Environment & Sustainability Department’s, Urban Forestry Division has developed a comprehensive Tree Preservation Program.

The City’s Tree Preservation program was created to provide timelier permitting turnarounds, judicious inspections, quicker tree related complaint response, better enforcement and reporting of tree related code violations and a more specialized focus on City specific urban forestry issues. All monies collected and or contributed to the City Tree Preservation Trust Fund are used solely for new tree installations, tree give away events and urban forestry related projects solely within Miami Beach and in accordance with Chapter 46 of City code.

Trees are a vital part of the City infrastructure, providing numerous environmental, economic and social benefits. Among the identified benefits are cleaner air, reduced energy usage, less storm water runoff, amelioration of high urban temperatures, higher property values, improved aesthetics, a greater sense of health and well-being, reduced anxiety levels, and lower crime rates. Through the continued diligent work of the Tree Preservation Program moving forward, the City’s Urban Forest will continue to grow and provide future benefits.

View the Tree Preservation Code