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City of Miami Beach
1700 Convention Center Drive
Miami Beach, Florida 33139
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City-Owned Cultural Facilties

Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach

Organizational Background

Dedicated on February 4, 1990, the Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach engages people of all ages and backgrounds, adults and students, over the meaning of the Holocaust during which over 6 million Jews and other peoples were murdered. This is accomplished through film screenings, cultural exhibitions, guest speakers, music programming, walking tours, and Holocaust survivor testimonials.

The Memorial has welcomed more than 2.6 million visitors, including more than 300,000 students. It annually teaches more than 90,000 visitors about the dangers of unchecked hatred and intolerance and the corresponding need to prevent future genocides. In addition, HMC provides professional development for educators and docents to ensure continued Holocaust education and cultural programs.

Estimated Project Timeline

Approximately 36- 48 months

Project Amount


List of Capital Improvements

  • Interior repair and replacement of center arm structure
  • Repatina of outside of center arm structure including 100 sculptures on the arm
  • Replacement of 150 broken Jerusalem stones
  • Regrouting of all walkway stones to prevent further corrosion
  • Renovate center water feature and seal leaks including addition of filters
  • Bicycle rack
  • Enhance technology for walking tour for visitors with latest technology for 100,000 visitors each year
  • Upgrade security bollards at west side frontage of Memorial
  • Upgrade telephone system for easy access for visitors calling for information
  • Remodel security booth for 24-hour security staff
  • Remodel and repair visitor welcome center
  • Remodel public bathrooms
  • Create directional signage for visitors on where to begin and what to see at Memorial
  • Create technology to enhance visitor experience including interactive maps and information about the memorial accessible from a smart phone or other devices
  • New outdoor walkway for students to reach the classroom
  • Remodel or replacement of 40 lamps surrounding Pond
  • Addition of 100 new lilies to beautify pond feature
  • Upgrade security gate at back entrance to Botanical Garden
  • Addition of a new wall to protect back of Memorial and west side of Botanical Garden
  • Repair or replace roofs for classroom, administration office, security booth and visitor center
  • Retile floor in 4 rooms
  • Upgrade Security System and Surveillance Cameras Repair or replace roofs for classroom, administration office, security booth and visitor center