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Master Plans

The City of Miami Beach has several new Master Plans that provide a long-term vision for the city’s storm water, bicycle program, and the Miami Beach Convention Center expansion and renovation. These in-depth documents, created with months of public input, outline community goals and aspirations that will guide the development and funding of projects within Miami Beach.

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Comprehensive Plan

The most important municipal planning document is the Comprehensive Plan. The Comprehensive Plan is the controlling document for land use purposes in the State of Florida. It is a statutory component that deals with future zoning, stormwater management, transportation, public education, and much more.

A “Master Plan” is a planning tool used to create a vision for a neighborhood, or a specific site, and can be used to supplement other planning and decision-making tools and procedures. Master Plans must be consistent within the overall Comprehensive Plan.

The City of Miami Beach has used Master Plans and the master planning process throughout the years to develop and document its strategic direction. These in-depth documents, driven by public input, outline community goals and aspirations that will guide the development and funding of projects throughout the City of Miami Beach.

This strategic plan has a simple structure, leading with the new long-term vision that provides direction for five vision areas.

Each Vision Area Includes

  • GOAL

    City Commission goals developed at the Goals Conference held October 3, 2018. These goals are our organization's top policy priorities.


    Comprehensive management objectives that provide more specific direction to the management team for accomplishing the goals.


    Highlighted actions are the City Manager's top priorities for departments to implement. Additional important actions are identified and funded through the annual budget process.


    The most relevant Resilient305 actions that Miami Beach will lead, support and benefit from.


    Actions to reduce shocks and stresses are highlighted throughout the plan.