The permitting process begins with the submittal of a permit application, review of two sets of plans, and ends with a Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Completion and Final Inspections.

To process a permit, the Building Department requires:

  • Permit Application, complete, signed, and notarized by the owner or owner's representative, and a registered contractor. If an owner/builder permit, just the owner needs to complete, sign, and notarize the application. If the property appears under the name of a Corporation, a permit can be issued to a contractor only and will require the submittal of a Corporate Annual Report or Articles of Incorporation naming the signer on the application as an officer of the corporation, i.e., president, vice president, or secretary.
  • Review here the permitting checklist.
  • The Minimum Value for construction is $110.00 per square foot for New Construction and $60.00 per square foot for Alteration/Remodeling.
  • Construction Parking Management Plan is required for Job values of $250,000.00 or higher.
  • Affidavit in lieu of Construction Parking Management (CPMP) is required for a Change of Contractor, New Mechanical Equipment Replacement-Exact Change-Out, and new Sub-contractors’ Permits if the job value is $250,00.00 or higher.
  • Jobs which value exceeds $2,500, require a recorded Notice of Commencement. It can be recorded in our Records Department or at the Clerk of the Courts. (Miami-Dade County Recorder, Courthouse East, 22 NW 1 Street, 1st floor, Miami, FL 33128.
  • 2 sets of plans clearly indicating the scope of work, and pertinent documentation related to the job. Click here to obtain a list of projects required to be signed and sealed by a design professional.
  • Based on the scope of work, these sets of plans can be processed and reviewed as Drop Off Plan Review or Walk-Through.
  • Payment of up-front permit fees is required to proceed with the submittal.
  • Once all disciplines have been approved, the outstanding balance of the permit fees must be satisfied before the issuance of the permit and permit card.
  • After the permit is obtained, inspections have to be requested. They can be tracked in the Citizen Self Service system (CSS)
  • A permit is finalized after approval of all required inspections.

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Building Permits and Inspections can be managed using CSS (Citizen Self Service).

Please click here to migrate your existing Miami Beach CAP account to CSS.

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