The permitting process begins with the submittal of a permit application, review of two sets of plans, and ends with a Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Completion.

To process a permit in person, the Building Department requires:

  • Permit Application, complete, signed, and notarized by the owner or owner's representative, and a registered contractor. If an owner/builder permit, just the owner needs to complete, sign, and notarize the application. If the property appears under the name of a Corporation, a permit can be issued to a contractor only and will require the submittal of a Corporate Annual Report or Articles of Incorporation naming the signer on the application as an officer of the corporation, i.e., president, vice president, or secretary.
  • Construction Cost Affidavit (except for a flooring permit)
  • Review here the complete permitting checklist.
  • The Minimum Value for construction is $110.00 per square foot for New Construction and $60.00 per square foot for Alteration/Remodeling.
  • Construction Parking Management Plan is required for Job values of $250,000.00 or higher.
  • Affidavit in lieu of Construction Parking Management (CPMP) is required for a Change of Contractor, New Mechanical Equipment Replacement-Exact Change-Out, and new Sub-contractors’ Permits if the job value is $250,00.00 or higher.
  • Jobs which value exceeds $2,500, require a recorded Notice of Commencement. It can be recorded in our Records Department or at the Clerk of the Courts. (Miami-Dade County Recorder, Courthouse East, 22 NW 1 Street, 1st floor, Miami, FL 33128.
  • 2 sets of plans, indicating the scope of work, and pertinent documentation. Construction documents requirements to be according to Chapter 8 of Miami-Dade County and section 107 of the Florida Building Code.
  • Click here to obtain a list of projects required to be signed and sealed by a design professional.
  • Based on the scope of work, these sets of plans can be processed and reviewed as Drop-Off Plan Review or Walk-Through.
  • Payment of up-front permit fees is required to proceed with the submittal.
  • Once all disciplines have been approved, the outstanding balance of the permit fees must be satisfied before the issuance of the permit and permit card.
  • After the permit is obtained, inspections have to be requested. They can be tracked in the Citizen Self Service system (CSS)
  • A permit is finalized after approval of all required inspections is obtained.

Building Permits and Inspections can be managed using CSS (Citizen Self Service).

Several permit types can be obtained online. Click here to apply. For videos tutorials on how-to-use, click here.

For  instructions on how to apply for a permit online, click here.

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