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Neighborhood Associations Lists

Please find Neighborhood Association contacts below. Please note, that all contacts listed below are independent private organizations and not associated with the City of Miami Beach.

  • Allison Island

    Area: Allison Island north of 63 Street
    Contact: 786.703.1731alan@leaseflorida.com
    Membership Requirements: Voluntary
    Meetings: As needed

  • Allison Park

    Area: The Association is located from 63rd Street to 71st Street on Collins Ave, from Atlantic Ocean to Indian Creek.
    Contact:  404.697.5704 - Kplatone@gmail.com
    Membership Requirements: Voluntary
    Meetings: As needed, mandatory once a year

  • Altos Del Mar Association, Inc

    Area: The Association is located from 77 Street to 79 Street, east of Collins Avenue.
    Contact: altosdelmar1919@gmail.com
    Membership Requirements: Homeowners only
    Meetings: As needed, mandatory once a year

  • Aqua Master Association

    Area: South of 63 Street  – Aqua Allison Island
    Contact: the First Service Residential Management Group - aquaassistant@aquaassociation.net- aquagm@aquaassociation.net
    Sub-associations: Chatham @ Aqua Condominium Association Inc., 201 Aqua Avenue; Spear @ Aqua Condominium Association Inc., 6103 Aqua Avenue; Gorlin @ Aqua Condominium Association Inc., 6101 Aqua Avenue; Aqua Island Homes Association  
    Membership Requirements: Voluntary – Homeowners only
    Meetings: As needed, mandatory once a year, usually monthly

  • Bay Drive West

    Area: Between Hawthorne and Crespie Avenue (East/West) 86 Street - Bayside Lane
    Contact: 786.616.1355 - BiscayneBeachNA@gmail.com
    Membership Requirements: Own or occupy property in the area
    Meetings: As needed at Crespi Park (78 Street/ Hawthorne Avenue entrance)

  • Biscayne Beach Neighborhood Association

    Area: Between Hawthorne and Crespie Avenue (East/West) 86 Street - Bayside Lane
    Contact: 786.616.1355 - BiscayneBeachNA@gmail.com
    Membership Requirements: Own or occupy property in area
    Meetings: As needed at Crespi Park (78 Street/ Hawthorne Avenue entrance)

  • Biscayne Point

    Area: The Island of Biscayne Point is West of 77 Street and Hawthorne Avenue

    Contact: info@biscaynepointer.org

    Membership Requirements:
    Any property of that portion of the area known as Biscayne Point Island, West of the first canal parallel to and immediately East of Noremac Avenue, shall be eligible for active voting membership. Any non-owner resident of same area may also be a member but shall not have voting privileges or hold office. Annual dues shall be in the amount determined by the Board and payable on the first day of each calendar year. Members who fail to pay their dues on or before February 15 shall lose their rights of membership, including that of voting or holding office.

    General: There shall be a General Meeting each calendar year in the month of October or November. This meeting shall be for the purpose of hearing the Annual Report of the President, the Report of the Treasurer and taking final action on the reports and recommendations of various committees. Committee Reports shall be provided to the Board in written form prior to the meeting.

    Board: The Board will hold a minimum of six(6) meetings each year, Meetings shall be called by the President or upon the request of at least three (3) members of the Board. Homeowners shall be informed of the meetings.
    Committee: Each Committee Chairperson shall schedule and hold meetings necessary to meet the goals of the committee. Meetings may be accomplished through telephone, email, or other electronic devices.
    Special: The President or any three(3) members of the Board may call a Special Meeting after reasonable notice specifying need.

    A quorum shall consist of at least five (5) members of the Board for the transaction of business. Approval of motions shall require 75% majority vote. All meetings shall be scheduled at least five (5) days in advance, with the exception of any emergency or By-Laws Revision Meeting. All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order.

    Website: http://www.biscaynepointer.org

  • La Gorce Island

    Area: La Gorce Island
    Contact: Esther Egozi Choukroun, Manager - Esther@LaGorceIsland.org
    Membership Requirements: Ownership of real property on La Gorce Island
    Meetings: Annual Membership Meetings (Feb or Mar); Quarterly Board Meetings

  • Neighborhood Association to Save North Beach (BOSNOB)

    Area: North Beach (63 Street – 78 Terrace)
    Contact: SaveNobe@gmail.com
    Board: Manning Salazar, Paula King, Donna Nevel, Elissa Plancher,  Millin Nobregas, Alan Levine
    Membership Requirements: Live in geographic area; voluntary membership
    Meetings: Monthly or as required

  • NOBE Community Development

    Area: North Beach
    Contact:  646.715.7795 - 305.389.7444
    Membership Requirements: North Beach stakeholders
    Meetings: Monthly

  • Normandy SUD Homeowners Association

    Area: Rue Granville to Rue Versailles South of 71 Street including Biarritz Drive, Bay Drive, Trouville Esplanade, Rue Bordeaux, and Rue Notre Dame
    Contact: 305.389.7444 - MargMiami@gmail.com  
    Membership Requirements: $25 voluntary membership fee
    Meetings: Not formally set.

  • Normandy Center

    Area: Single Family Homes on 71 Street and Normandy Drive from Rue Granville to Rue Notre Dame
    Contact:  NormandyCenterHoa@gmail.com
    Membership Requirements: $25 voluntary membership fee
    Meetings: Ad-hoc meetings.

  • Normandy Fountain

    Area:  South of 71 Street/Normandy Drive from Rue Notre Dame to Bay Drive. The area includes streets East of Rue Notre Dame that include Biarritz Drive and Brest Esplanade.
    Contact: 305.867.4244 - NormandyFountainHOA@gmail.com
    Membership Requirements: Membership is open to residents and businesses within the boundaries of the association. Email HOA to be added to membership info list.
    Meetings: Ad-hoc meetings.

  • Normandy North

    Area: Single Family Homes along Marseilles Drive, Calais 71 Street, and Normandy Drive.
    Contact:  NormandyNorthHoa@gmail.com
    Membership Requirements: Live in geographic area; voluntary membership
    Meetings: Ad-hoc meetings.

  • Normandy Shores

    Area: North Shore Drive, South Shore Drive, and Fairway Drive
    Contact: 786.302.8768NSHOA.Help@gmail.com 

    Membership Requirements: Live in geographic area; voluntary membership
    Meetings: Quarterly and ad hoc meetings.

  • North Bay Road - Lower

    Area: 2000 North Bay Road to the 3200 block of North Bay
    Contact:  305.766.5216 - mhammon@ramrealestate.com
    Membership Requirements: Live in geographic area; voluntary membership
    Meetings: Irregular meetings, active email list, annual block party.

  • North Bay Road - Middle

    Area: 4100 block of North Bay Road on the south - to the 4800 block of North Bay Road to the north
    Contact: artie523@aol.com
    Membership Requirements: Owner of home within the boundaries
    Meetings: Varies but one general meeting a year is typical

  • North Bay Road - Upper

    Area: North Bay Road from 50 to La Gorce Island
    Contact: 305.674.1313 - jfrankel@the-beach.net
    Membership Requirements: Homeowner
    Meetings: Irregular meetings.

  • North Shore Historic Disctrict

    Area: The North Shore Historic District spans from Harding Avenue and Ocean Terrace to Crespi Boulevard, and from 73 Street to 87 Terrace.
    Contact: kpaskal@gmail.com - NorthShoreHistoricDistrict@gmail.com
    Membership Requirements: Membership is voluntary and open to residents, property owners and businesses who live within and/or operate within and around the geographic area and other individuals affiliated with the North Shore National Register District who agree with the purpose of the association.
    Meetings: The NSHDNA conducts regular quarterly and ad hoc meetings while maintaining an active and growing email list.

  • Park View Island Sustainable Association

    Area: Park View Island
    Contact: parkviewisland@gmail.com
    Webpage: www.parkviewisland.com

  • Stillwater Drive

    Area: Homes on Stillwater Drive, West of the guard house
    Contact:  carolina@twincribz.com
    Membership Requirements: Voluntary membership is available to residents and homeowners on Stillwater Drive.
    Meetings: Meetings are held quarterly or as needed to address special projects or concerns. We maintain an active and growing email list.

  • Alton Road

    Area: 20 Street – 63 Street along Alton Road
    Contact: altonhomeowners@gmail.com  - 305.335.0330
    Membership Requirements: Living or owning a home within the boundaries and paying $25/year or $40/2-year membership
    Meetings: Two public meetings, Board meetings bimonthly.

  • Bayshore

    Area: Bayshore - 40 Street, Pine Tree Drive, Dade Boulevard, Alton Road
    Contact:  bayshoreha@gmail.com
    Membership Requirements: Resident of the Bayshore neighborhood.
    Meetings: As needed, general meeting once a year.
    Website: https://www.bayshorehoa.com/

  • Belle Isle Residents Association

    Area: Belle Isle, Miami Beach, FL 33139
    Contact: belleisleresidents@gmail.com
    Membership Requirements: Resident of Belle Isle
    Meetings: Board meets monthly. General Membership Meetings are called as needed at a minimum of once a year.
    Website: belleisleresidents.org

  • Collins Park

    Area: North of 17 Street, East of Washington/Dade/Pinetree and South of 25 Street
    Contact: 305.772.5665 - Bresaro@aol.com
    Membership Requirements: Open to all who live, own property or operate businesses within the boundaries.
    Meetings: Meeting are held the third Tuesday of each month. Location varies and is published 2 weeks prior to meeting. There are no scheduled meetings in August or December. All meetings are at 7 p.m. sharp with a social and refreshments beginning at 6:30 p.m.

  • Garden District Neighbors

    Area: Garden District of Miami Beach
    Contact:  Alon246@gmail.com
    Membership Requirements: Voluntary
    Meetings: First Wednesday of each month

  • La Gorce/Pinetree

    Area: Lagorce or Pine Tree Drive between 51 Street on the south and 63 Street (Alton Road) on the north. Plus 63 Street between Lagorce Drive and Alton Road.
    Contact: GlendonHall@gmail.com 
    Membership Requirement: Ownership in Real Property as defined in the area above. Voluntary –ages 18 & up.
    Meetings: Annual Membership Dinner Party Fourth Monday each May. Board meets on the Third Monday at 7:00 p.m. each month except for August.

  • Lakeview

    Area: South to North, Lakeview Drive to 51 Terrace, West to East, Alton Road to Pinetree Drive
    Contact: Adrian Gonzalez - adrian@davidscafe.com
    Membership Requirements: Voluntary
    Meetings: As needed.

  • Mid Beach Neighborhood Association (MBNA)

    Area: Representing condominium and hotel properties along Indian Creek Drive and Collins Avenue between 24 and 63 streets.
    Contact: 305.260.1014 - MBNA@midbeachna.com
    Membership Requirements: Condominium Associations: $50/ Hotels: $250 Per year;  Check made out to Mid Beach Neighborhood Association. For more information please click here.
    Meetings: Please click here to visit the MBNA website for meeting information.
    Meeting Location: Blue Diamond Condominium, Sapphire Room,  4779 Collins Avenue. Complimentary Valet provided for attendees.
    Website: http://www.midbeach.net/

  • Nautilus Area

    Area: 42 Street (South), West 48 Street (North), Biscayne Waterway (East), Nautilus Drive (West)
    Contact: michael@nahamiamibeach.org
    Membership Requirements: Open to all residents over age 18 who have real estate in our residential boundaries; $35.00 annual membership dues.
    Meetings: Annual Membership Meeting held In February.

  • Sunset Harbour

    Area: Sunset Harbour Neighborhood extending from Alton Road on the east to Biscayne Bay on the west, and from Dade Boulevard on the South to Sunset Lake on the North, Sunset Lake being that portion of the intra-coastal waterway immediately to the north of properties on the north side of 20th Street.
    Sara de los Reyes - 305.538.8825 - SHNA911@outlook.com
    Marilyn Freundlich - 786.453.2131 - mefreundlich@gmail.com
    Membership Requirements: Open to residents and business owners in the area older than 18 years old. We have a set rule that we have 2 members of each association participate as part of the board in order to always have participation for each association.
    Meetings: Twice per year and as the neighborhood needs it.

  • Sunset Islands I & II

    Area: Sunset Islands I & II
    Membership Requirements: Owners of property on Sunset Islands I or II
    Meetings: The annual meeting of members is held in March or April of each year as determined by the Board of Directors.

  • Sunset Islands III & IV

    Area: North 24 Street, South 21 Street, West Biscayne Bay, East Sunset Lake
    Contact: Jacqueline Lalonde;  JacquelinePlalonde@gmail.com
    Membership Requirements: Homeowner on Sunset 3 & 4
    Meetings: As needed

  • Venetian Islands

    Area: The Venetian Islands Homeowners Association (VIHA) represents the homeowners for the properties located on Rivo Alto, Dilido, and San Marino islands, and the portion of the Venetian causeway within these islands.
    Contact: contactus@vihamiami.org
    Membership Requirements: Application and $75/annually
    Meetings: Board meetings every other month plus times called by the president or committee.
    Website: https://www.vihamiami.org/

  • Art Deco Neighborhood Association

    Area: 5 to15 Street, Ocean Drive to Washington Avenue
    Membership Requirements: All residents of the area are invited to attend and participate. Please email for more information.
    Website: artdeconeighborhoodassociation.org/ 

  • Flamingo Park

    Area: The Flamingo Park Neighborhood -- bounded on the north by Lincoln Road, on the south by 5 Street, on the east by Washington Avenue and on the West by Alton Road – surrounds Flamingo Park.
    Contact: 305.710.5584 - flamingomb@gmail.com
    Membership Requirements: All residents of the area are invited to attend and participate.
    Meetings: Meetings take place the first Monday of the month at 5:30 p.m. in the multi-purpose room of the Flamingo Park Tennis Center

  • Flamingo Park West

    Area: Michigan Avenue, Lenox Avenue and East side of Alton Road from 12 Street to 15 Street
    Contact: 305.673.8514 - scarson652@aol.com
    Membership Requirements: Home owner or business renter within the boundaries of the association
    Meetings: As needed.

  • Miami Beach United

    Area: Serving the entire community of Miami Beach
    Contact: Info@miamibeachunited.org - MiamiBeachUnited.Org Facebook page
    Membership Requirements:
    Miami Beach resident annual dues – $25.00,
    Miami Beach neighborhood/ condo associations annual dues – $50.00
    Executive membership annual dues – $100
    Sustaining membership annual dues – $300
    Meetings: Click Here to view MBU Website.

  • Ocean Drive Association

    Area: Ocean Drive from 5-15 streets
    Contact:  305.521.4394 - execdirector@oceandrivemb.com
    Membership Requirements: Ocean Drive Property Owners, Business Owners and Residents are welcomed
    Meetings: Second Tuesday of each month at 2 p.m. held at The Conservatory at The Betsy Hotel 1433 Collins Avenue. Please email programs@oceandrivemb.com to be added to the email list for notifications and meeting agendas.
    Website: www.oceandrivemb.com
    Social Media:
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OceanDriveAssociation/
    Twitter: @oceandrivesobe
    Instagram: @oceandrivemb

  • Palm View Historic District

    Area: South side of Dade Boulevard between Lennox Court and Meridian Avenue, the North side of 17 Street between Lenox Court and Meridian Avenue, the east side of Lenox Court between Dade Boulevard and 17 Street, and the west side of Meridian Avenue between Dade Boulevard and 17 Street
    President: Richard Silverman - richardsilverman@tulanealumni.net - 305.532.9846
    Vice President: Jane Losson - jplosson@gmail.com - 305.924.0262
    Membership Requirements: Open to all residents within the Palm View Historic District
    Meetings: As Needed.

  • Palm-Hibiscus-Star Islands

    Area: Palm, Hibiscus and Star Islands, located in beautiful Miami Beach
    Contact:  Amy de Saint-Seine, Executive Director, amy@palmhibiscusstarislands.org
    Membership Requirements: Open to all residents on the Islands who pay the Annual Dues
    Meeting Schedule/Calendar: Two meetings per year (Feb and Sept), four events (holiday party, Halloween party, summer picnic and Candidates Forum in years of City Elections. Other meetings called if warranted).
    Mission of Association: Making the Islands an even better place to live.

  • South Pointe

    Area: The South Pointe Redevelopment Area's northern boundary is 6 Street. Fifth Street is an appropriate northern geographic boundary for the South Pointe area for purposes of the activities of the South Pointe Residents Association. At a joint meeting of representatives of the South Pointe Residents Association and members of the Flamingo Park Neighborhood Committee, October 13, 2003, there was unanimous agreement on that boundary.
    Contact: 305.672.2486 - fdelvecchio@atlanticbb.net
    Membership Requirements: Open to residents of the South Pointe area, south of Fifth Street, who subscribe to the purposes of the association.
    Meetings: Meetings may be held from time to time as necessary and appropriate. The principal method of regular communication among organizers and residents is e-mail.

  • South of 5th Neighborhood

    Area: Boundaries of the neighborhood association shall be defined as the region South of Fifth Street, specifically beginning at the median or center line of Fifth Street and ending at Government Cut, extending from the Atlantic Ocean to Biscayne Bay.
    Contact: SOFNAMB@gmail.com
    Membership Requirements: Membership in the Association shall be open to those individuals age 18 and over who are:
    a. residents or owners of residential property located in the boundaries as described in Article III, who shall be considered Resident Members. In the case of residential properties owned by corporations or LLCs, only one individual may serve as the entity’s Resident Member; OR b. owners/operators of businesses, with a current occupational license and located in the boundaries as described in Article III, who shall be considered Commercial Members. In the case of corporations, LLCs, partnerships or businesses owned or operated by multiple individuals, only one individual may serve as the business’ Commercial Member. Owners/operators of home-based businesses, as defined by the laws of the City of Miami Beach shall be considered Resident Members, not Commercial Members.

    An Individual may not simultaneously serve as both a Resident and a Commercial Member. Those individuals who qualify for membership in both the Resident and Commercial categories shall self-designate the desired category in which they will serve.

    Please email sofna@sofna.org  to be added to our membership/email list.
    Meetings: As needed.

  • West Avenue Neighborhood

    Area: The Association is located in South Beach and the boundary is Collins Canal to the North, 5 Street to the South, Biscayne Bay to the West, and the west side of Alton Road.
    Contact: wavna305@gmail.com 
    Membership Requirements: Condominium owners, home owners, renters, business owners and other parties affiliated with the West Avenue Corridor who agree with the purpose of WAvNA.
    Meetings: Meetings are noticed by email and are posted on the mission of the Association.
    Website: https://www.wavna305.com/

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