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July 2021 Business Spotlight

Miami Beach Open House: Where Art Meets Business


Orlando Estrada’s “Tiered Panorama” on display at 644 Collins Ave.

Miami Beach has always been known for its art deco architecture, world-class dining options and cutting-edge retail shops. In recent years, the city has also emerged as a substantial supporter, promoter and collector of arts and culture. Art and culture is woven into the fabric of Miami Beach. As the city rebounds from the economic impact of COVID-19, it seemed only natural to develop a partnership between artists and commercial businesses.

“Miami Beach Open House” is an innovative artist residency program that transforms vacant commercial spaces into artist workspaces, studios, exhibition spaces and multidisciplinary performance venues. Artists collaborate with property owners to lessen the challenge of finding affordable studio space for their works, while simultaneously expanding the city’s cultural and business footprint.

Funded by a $200,000 grant approved by the City Commission, “Miami Beach Open House” brings foot traffic to vacant storefronts by allowing artists to display their works — something as simple as a window display or as complex as performance or experiential art. Property owners are given an opportunity to activate available space. A total of 71 artists have already been selected by a curatorial panel of experts following a call to artists.


Galaxy View, the video installation by Juan Requena in SoBe

Each participating artist is awarded a $2,500 stipend to cover incidental expenses such as deliveries, insurance, parking, utilities, marketing and publicity. “Miami Beach Open House” is made possible by the generosity of local property owners who are keenly aware of how innovative cultural experiences enhance our quality of life.  In exchange for their participation, the City of Miami Beach handles the permitting process and lists each participating storefront address on the city’s website for increased visibility.  Selected artists are encouraged to sell their works and maximize exposure through the residency program. This is a true win-win for all parties involved.

Installation exhibited at 7409 Collins Ave. by Carolina Cueva

Installation exhibited at 7409 Collins Ave. by Carolina Cueva

While the program encourages property owners to allow occupancy for a minimum of 30 days, both parties can work together on a long-term arrangement that exceeds 30 days. A great example of that is Orlando Estrada’s “The Infinite Vision in the Ethereal Rainbows Swarming Behind my Eyelids Reveals a Beacon” presented by Bas Fisher Invitational and Bridge Initiative at 644 Collins Avenue. Originally slated to run from April 21 through mid-June, the lease on the space with Goldman Properties was extended through September 2021.


Presented by Bas Fisher Invitational and Bridge Initiative, Estrada’s exhibit runs through September

A bright spot for the community, “Miami Beach Open House” has even garnered national attention. Estrada’s gallery was recently highlighted in a New York Times article that raved about the arts and culture community in Miami Beach, while spotlighting a great property in the heart of South Beach.