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July 2022 Business Spotlight- Make a Bold Move

Make A Bold Move

The City of Miami Beach Business Newsletter has a new look! After a comprehensive marketing and media analysis to attract local, regional, and national businesses, we are proud to unveil Make a Bold Move. The campaign focuses on marketing Miami Beach to companies of all sizes as a top destination that caters to the evolving lifestyle expectations of employees and employers who are in search of a better life-work balance.


Our new masthead is the first step of an ambitious Make A Bold Move campaign. The city’s Economic Development Department webpage, MBBiz.com, will reflect and embrace this new messaging and share regular insights into what Miami Beach is doing to attract businesses and higher-wage jobs through the city’s more flexible and balanced lifestyle.

The imagery and messaging behind Make a Bold Move will strive to influence businesses with aspirational and memorable content that embeds Miami Beach as a best-in-class business destination. The campaign aims to entice more business expansions to our shores and strengthen the overall Miami Beach portfolio of incentive programs, which continue to create, promote and nurture business opportunities.


Make a Bold Move amplifies the nationwide trend of companies relocating and expanding to more livable cities as the appeal of alternative work options and telecommuting continues to redefine the workplace. Flexible options have proven to be effective in attracting talent and business leaders as the world recovers from the impact of the global pandemic. Make a Bold Move leverages this mindset and promotes the new professional workplace landscape to build a more diverse economy and highlight Miami Beach’s many amenities, potential investments and opportunities. Our primary target audience is made up of founders, owners and C-suite decision makers in the technology and financial services industries. These firms have been generally located in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Connecticut in the past. The secondary target audience is made up of professional services firms and the hospitality, tourism, film and entertainment industries. Make a Bold Move emphasizes that opening or relocating to Miami Beach may seem like a daring move, but it also makes business and financial sense based on our incentives and tax structure.


Make A Bold Move is grounded in the fact that the work culture has changed. The ability to live a full life outside of work is becoming the norm, and companies that do not adapt will be left behind. The campaign encourages stepping away from the computer to inspire productivity and innovation. A place where work-life balance is non-negotiable. A city where you can catch a sunrise over white sand beaches by day, then is electric by night. It is not just a move – it is a solution. Miami Beach offers the perfect work-life balance, with excitement and experiences around every corner….it is time to Make a Bold Move…..for Better Opportunities……Better Lifestyle…..Better Inspiration…..Better Everything…..in Miami Beach.